Source Information

Oregon State Library Oregon, U.S., Church and Cemetery Records, 1840-1965 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013.
Original data: Oregon Secretary of State. Microfilm series 11, genealogy section. Oregon State Library, Salem, Oregon.

About Oregon, U.S., Church and Cemetery Records, 1840-1965

This collection contains church and cemetery records from various denominations in Oregon. Among the records you’ll find records of baptism, marriage, and burial. Church records can be particularly helpful, especially where they predate civil registration. Although the details included will vary among the records, you may find vital event dates, parents’ names, and residences. Pay special attention to the names of sponsors and witnesses on the records—these are often family members.

Included in the collection are the following:

  • United Presbyterian Church in Oregon Papers
  • Stayton Church of Christ Chronological History, 1881–1956
  • Stayton Church of Christ Minute Books, 1888–1955
  • Mill Creek Christian Church, 1857–1866
  • Protestant Episcopal Church Missionary District of Eastern Oregon Records, 1870-1963
  • Record Book of St. Hilda's Mission, 1927–1956
  • St. Barbara Cemetery, 1863–1957
  • St. Joseph’s Parish Catholic Church Register Books, 1889–1952
  • Belcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, 1929–1958
  • United Brethren in Christ Church Records, 1854–1865
  • Methodist Episcopal Church Records, Shedd, Oregon
  • Presbytery of Oregon Minute Books, 1851–1916
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Oregon Synod Minutes, 1851–1906
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Willamette Presbytery Minutes, 1894–1907