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Massachusetts, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index, 1800's-current
Newspapers & Periodicals305,826,443NEW
North Carolina, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index, 1800s-current
Newspapers & Periodicals127,834,598NEW
Minnesota, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index
Newspapers & Periodicals168,163,920NEW
Ohio, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index, 1800s-current
Newspapers & Periodicals452,250,767NEW
Web: Australia Business Number Datasets 1999-2022
Directories & Member Lists16,686,931NEW
Rzeszów, Poland, Death Certificates from Rzeszów Judenrat, 1939-1945 (USHMM) (in Polish)
Birth, Marriage & Death570NEW
New Jersey, U.S., Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1711-1878
Birth, Marriage & Death2,348,606NEW
New Zealand, Civil Registration Stillbirth Index, 1901-1942
Birth, Marriage & Death73,925NEW
U.S., Carded Service Records of Hospital Attendants, Matrons and Nurses, 1861-1865
Directories & Member Lists73,588NEW
New Zealand, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1840-1902
Birth, Marriage & Death1,946,022NEW
New Zealand, Civil Registration Death Index, 1840-1972
Birth, Marriage & Death1,354,473NEW
Wales, World War I Book of Remembrance, 1914-1918
Birth, Marriage & Death36,825NEW
New Zealand, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1840- 1901
Birth, Marriage & Death286,218NEW
1916 Denmark Census (in Danish)
Census & Voter Lists3,288,100NEW
Charente, France Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1791-1912 (in French)
Birth, Marriage & Death16,076,791NEW
Estonia, Soul List Registers, 1826-1916 (in Estonian)
Census & Voter Lists4,528,675NEW
Connecticut, U.S., Excise Tax Lists, 1865-1874
Court, Land, Wills & Financial473,482NEW
Estonia, Lutheran Parish Registers, 1877-1912 (in Estonian)
Birth, Marriage & Death21,337,866NEW
Fernandina, Florida, US, Death and Burial Records, 1896-1916
Birth, Marriage & Death2,707NEW
West Sussex, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1963
Census & Voter Lists8,208,872NEW
East Sussex, England, Electoral Registers, 1705-1963
Directories & Member Lists20,425,086NEW
Web: Scotland, Sheriff Court Paternity Processes or Case Papers, 1752-1921
Directories & Member Lists8,678NEW
New Jersey, U.S., Disabled Merchant Seaman Hospital Records, 1802-1815
Directories & Member Lists2,488NEW
Alaska, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index
Newspapers & Periodicals7,866,694NEW
California, U.S.,™ Stories and Events Index
Newspapers & Periodicals1,067,030,708NEW