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Smarter health
decisions start here.

Why should you guess about your inherited health risks when answers could be right here? AncestryHealth® uses advanced genetic testing technology to give you a deeper view of your genetic health risks, so you can make the right calls for you and your family.

AncestryHealth® kit AncestryHealth® kit

Benefits built into

Genetic health risks
Genetic health risks
Genetic health
risk reports
Health insights
Health insights
Useful health
Family health history tool
Family health history tool
A family health
history tool
Support resources
Support resources
All features of AncestryDNA® + Traits
All features of AncestryDNA® + Traits
All the features of
AncestryDNA® + Traits
Stay ahead of genetic risks Stay ahead of genetic risks

Stay one step ahead of your genetic risks.

DNA results, powered by next-generation sequencing technology (NGS), show if you’re at normal or higher risk for conditions like inherited breast cancer, colon cancer, and heart issues. See all conditions

Everyday health Everyday health

Make more informed health decisions.

Get useful, practical insights into your inherited risks for some health conditions that can’t simply be managed with healthy eating and exercise, like inherited high cholesterol, iron overload, and digestive issues. Find out more

Family health history Family health history

Track generations of your family’s health.

Create a more complete picture of what may run in your family using our family health history tool. Create, download, and share it with loved ones and healthcare providers. Get started

Educational resources Educational resources

Access valuable educational resources.

Trustworthy support resources are provided by PWNHealth, a network of independent board-certified physicians and genetic counselors, to help you understand your results and guide next steps. Learn more

Everything included in AncestryDNA® + Traits Everything included in AncestryDNA® + Traits

Get everything included in
AncestryDNA® + Traits.

Discover your ethnic origins from over 1,000 regions, along with personal traits influenced by your genes. Explore

Next-Generation Sequencing

NGS gives you a new level
of confidence in your results.

You know best, but now you can know even better. With next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, AncestryHealth® is better able to find differences in your DNA that can raise your risk of developing inherited health issues.

For example, of the DNA differences linked to the most common forms of inherited breast cancer:

can be detected with the microarray technology used by 23andMe®.

Microarray technology looks at a
specific subset of DNA differences.

Now with Next-Generation Sequencing
can be detected with the NGS technology used by AncestryHealth®.

NGS looks for thousands of DNA differences linked to the same condition.

20% differences

Now AncestryHealth® can detect 80% or more of the known DNA differences linked to the following conditions.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer

Breast cancer will likely affect someone
you love. Find out your genetic risk,
so you can feel reassured if your risk is
normal, and get ahead of it if your risk
is higher.

Colon cancer

Colon cancer

Which types of cancer should be on your radar? One in 24 people develop colon cancer in their lifetime. Find out if you’re at lower genetic risk for colon cancer, so you know what needs your attention most.

Heart risks

Heart risks

Heart health is your top concern, and ours
too. Cardiomyopathy is the most common
genetic heart disease in the US, affecting
over 1 million people, but it often goes undiagnosed. Learn about your inherited risk.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol

For those with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), diet and exercise may not be enough to manage cholesterol. Instead, they would work with their physician to manage their
cholesterol more effectively.

Blood clots

Blood clots

One in 12 people have inherited a higher
risk for abnormal blood clots. If you know you’re one of them, you can better
manage potentially risky situations, like
long car rides, birth control, or surgeries.

Break it down–what’s in an AncestryHealth® report.

NGS-powered health report NGS-powered health report NGS-powered health report

Each NGS-powered health report shows
your risk for a condition you may care about and offers key takeaways. Learn more by viewing a sample report for Lynch Syndrome, an inherited disorder that increases your risk of developing colon cancer.
See sample report

Health data Health data Health data

We take your health data as seriously as your health.

Learn more about our commitment to you and your personal information for AncestryHealth® and AncestryDNA® by visiting the Ancestry Privacy Center.

Who can buy AncestryHealth®?

You’ll be required to complete a quick confidential questionnaire that an independent network of physicians uses to determine your eligibility*. You’ll need to meet these prerequisites:

You’re 18 or older
You’ve never given or received a bone marrow or stem cell transplant
You live in the U.S., with the exception of New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island
(at this time, the test is not available in these states or internationally)
* If you don’t meet eligibility requirements, your AncestryHealth® purchase fee will be fully refunded.

Top questions about AncestryHealth®

  • Ancestry takes the privacy of your Health and DNA information very seriously, and believes that protecting your data is our top priority. We believe your information belongs to you and will not provide your personal information to others without your explicit approval.

    To bring you AncestryHealth®, we've partnered with an independent clinician network, comprised of board-certified physicians and genetic counselors, as well as two CLIA-certified laboratories.

    Visit our privacy center to view our privacy statement and to learn more about Ancestry's privacy & security policies.

  • AncestryHealth® is a physician ordered laboratory test that provides you a simple, affordable way to understand your own genetics and insights related to your health. With AncestryHealth, you’ll also get access to all of the benefits of AncestryDNA, including your ethnicity estimate and DNA matches, as well as our Traits product.

    It is powered by a technology that analyzes hundreds of thousands of places in your DNA, including over 100 locations that give you insights into your health conditions and wellness. AncestryHealth® offers suggestions for next steps to help you take action for your health, such as talking with a healthcare provider to discuss getting an earlier health screening or connecting with a PWNHealth genetic counselor.

    AncestryHealth® is a one-time purchase; no membership is required.

  • No, the following exceptions apply

    • Residents of NY, NJ and RI are not eligible.
    • Anyone under 18 years of age is not eligible.
    • Anyone that has received a bone marrow transplant is not eligible.

  • AncestryHealth® begins with a simple saliva test you can do in the comfort of your own home. After purchase you will receive the AncestryHealth® DNA kit in the mail in a matter of days. Using the Activation code on your kit you’ll go online and complete a few short questions to activate (if you live in NY, NJ, or RI, you will not be able to activate your kit). Your answers will be reviewed confidentially by a physician at PWNHealth, the independent clinician network that provides physician oversight to AncestryHealth. Your kit includes instructions for use, a saliva collection tube, and a pre-paid return mailer (so you don't have additional costs to return your DNA.) After returning your sample by just dropping it in the mail, and once a physician at PWNHealth approves your test order, your DNA is processed at a CLIA-certified laboratory that developed and performs the test-- usually within 8 weeks. The clinicians at PWNHealth will review your results and confirm they are ready. You'll receive an email notifying you that your results are ready to explore on the AncestryHealth® website.

  • AncestryHealth® transforms complex information about your genetics into easy-to-understand health reports that can help you and your family begin to chart a healthier path forward. Detailed health reports clearly explain what your genetic results mean, and guide you to simple next steps, like talking to a healthcare provider about early health screenings or lifestyle changes. You will also receive all features of AncestryDNA, including ethnicity results that reveal your origins.

    AncestryHealth® provides reports for selected conditions in the following general areas: Cancer Risk, Heart and Blood Health, Carrier Status and Wellness. Full list of reports included in AncestryHealth® listed here.

  • AncestryHealth® can help you learn how your genes may influence your health—and guide you to actionable next steps that may make a difference towards a healthier future for you and your family. AncestryHealth® transforms complex information about your genetics into easy-to-understand health reports with key takeaways and next steps you can act on after consulting with your healthcare provider.

    Additionally, we've partnered with PWNHealth, an independent clinician network comprised of board-certified physicians and genetic counselors, to provide resources to help you understand your results. After reviewing your personalized health reports and educational resources, you can connect with a PWNHealth genetic counselor for support and to ask questions. To determine how your results may factor into your long term health plan, it’s also very important that you talk to a healthcare provider. You can download a report that includes a laboratory report outlining your test results and a physician-friendly quick reference guide to take with you, if you choose, to a healthcare provider.

  • If your AncestryHealth® purchase was made after 10:00 am MDT on July 31, 2020 then it will be run using NGS. If you don’t know the purchase date or still aren’t sure, go to your AncestryHealth® dashboard and look under your name.

    • If the text under your name says “AncestryHealth on microarray” then your kit was not processed using NGS technology.
    • If there is no gray text immediately below your name, your kit was processed using NGS technology.

AncestryHealth® includes laboratory tests developed and performed by an independent CLIA-certified laboratory partner, and with oversight from an independent clinician network of board-certified physicians and genetic counselors. The test results are not diagnostic and do not determine your overall chance of developing a disease or health condition. The tests are not cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. You should consult a healthcare provider before taking any action based on AncestryHealth® reports, including before making any treatment, dietary, or lifestyle changes. AncestryHealth® is not currently available in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.