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Whether it’s physical traits you can see or hidden traits you can’t, your DNA holds even more information than you imagined.


Some say freckles come from the kiss of an angel. But we know where most of them really come from. They come from genes. And the sun. Even though they're most visible on people who have light skin, anyone can have freckles. Parents with freckles often have kids with freckles. But not always.

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Eyebrow styles have changed, with fashion dictating how people have shaped and groomed their eyebrows, including unibrows. Learn more about Unibrows

Cleft Chin

They come in all shapes and sizes, but the most obvious difference from one chin to the next is whether they have a cleft or not. Learn more about Cleft Chin

Hair Type & Hair Texture: The role of genetics

Curly, straight, or somewhere in between—what determines your hair texture? It’s not all in your genes, but they do play a role. Learn more about Hair Types & Texture

Eye Color Genetics

Have you ever noticed how many different eye colors there are? Whether you have dark or light eyes depends almost entirely on genetics. Learn more about Eye Colors

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Curious about science and your DNA? Here’s a list of key terms and topics to help you better understand your genetics.

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