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Revolutionary War (1775–1783)

Washington inspecting the captured colors after the battle of Trenton

High taxes, levied by a distant British government in which they had no representation, incited the growing desire for self rule among the American colonists. Resentment increased as Britain sent their redcoats to Boston, culminating with the colonists dumping tea off a British boat rather than paying its taxes.
The colonies, too, had their own militias, remnants of the ongoing skirmishes with Indians. Led by General George Washington, the Continental Army consisted of individuals from every colony. The colonies also had a Continental Navy.

Some 217,000 American service members fought in the Revolution, including in-state militias. More than 4,000 Americans died in the battle and some 6,000 were injured.

The surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown A.D. 1781

Ancestry Revolutionary War Collection

Ancestry has amassed a collection of almost 2 million names and more than 20,000 images from the Revolutionary War in 33 databases of military records — from state militia records to war service records to officer listings. Some soldiers will have multiple records in the collection, depending upon their rank and other factors. Representing all 13 original colonies, and some U.S. states and territories created after the war, these records span the years of the war 1775–1783, with some extending as late as the 1850’s.