Passenger lists document who was on a ship, where they came from and more. Make sure to keep your search broad since immigrants didn’t always depart from their homeland. These records can also help uncover your ancestors’ ultimate destination in the U.S., leading you to passport applications and naturalization records.

Didn’t find them in passenger lists? Try searching border crossings instead.

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Passenger List Research Resources

How to find your people
From their destination in America to a relative who remained in the homeland, our tips can help you navigate passenger lists and extract every detail. Learn more

Good to know
These fast facts can help you get the most out of passenger lists. Learn more

Back to the old country
Found an immigrant ancestor who decided not to stay? See which groups were most likely to return to their home country. Learn more

The German connection
Hamburg was Central Europe’s main transatlantic hub in the late 19th century. Did your ancestors depart from here? Learn more

Passenger List Stories

Using a passenger list
as my tour guide

See how one member used a
record to learn more about her
Italian heritage. Read story

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