Ready to dig in
to your heritage?

Whether you’re inspired to make traditional food from regions in your DNA or try new ingredients from your homeland, learning more about yourself can lead to delicious discoveries.

Home Cooking, DNA Style

When you find out where you're from, home cooking takes on a whole new meaning. Ancestry partnered with several food lovers, and asked them to show us how to cook dishes inspired by their AncestryDNA results.

Amiwo with Grilled Chicken from Benin/Togo

Tyrone Magnus Tries Cooking Jollof Rice!!!

Ancestry DNA results + Cook with Me!

Think Global, Eat Local

Wherever you are in the world, each region’s foods and customs have their own unique flavor.

Culinary Inspiration

After you find out what you’re made of, what will you make? See how some of our favorite food bloggers created cultural food based on their AncestryDNA results.

Recipes for Success

For these people, connecting with their heritage through food and culture inspired a family business.

Unforgettable Meals

The best recipes in the world are the ones passed down over generations. Explore some of our customers’ most meaningful dishes.

The Global Table

See how food around the world connects to who we are and where we come from. Maybe even to each other.

Dig in to the Past

Some dishes have their own kind of heritage. Watch as we create interesting recipes found in historic newspapers.