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How they

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Adele Kerrigan paternal grandmother
January 26, 1918,
Philadelphia, PA
A detailed timeline, called a LifeStory.


The Great Depression

Context about events that shaped them.
A place to collect photos, records, and more.

True stories.
Incredible discoveries.

After finding out
about this mischievous side of my
great-grandfather… I said I’m going
to try something totally different.”

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  • Your AncestryDNA results include information about your ethnicity across 1400 regions and identifies potential relatives through DNA matching to others who have taken the AncestryDNA test. Your results are a great starting point for more family history research, and it can also be a way to dig even deeper into the research you've already done.

  • The AncestryDNA test may predict if you are at least partly Native American, which includes some tribes that are indigenous to North America, including the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The results do not currently provide a specific tribal affiliation. (Please note that your AncestryDNA ethnicity results cannot be used as a substitute for legal documentation.)

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