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Historical records on Ancestry can tell you moving stories about your ancestors' lives. Whether you’re looking for a specific ancestor or doing broader research, the 27 billion searchable records on Ancestry® allow you to access historical documents like the census, marriage records, military draft cards, records naming the enslaved, obituaries, photos, and more.

Uncover the role of your ancestors in our nation’s history.

More than 350,000 African Americans fought for our country in WWI. Roughly 20 years later 2.5 million Black people registered and 1 million served in WWII. African Americans have a distinguished history serving in our armed forces.


The Great Migration was a mass movement of roughly six million Southern Black people to the north and west between 1910 and 1970. This migration fueled the economic growth of our auto industry, manufacturing jobs, and the expansion of our railroads.

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The U.S. Census has been taken every ten years from 1790 to now and those records can hold significant details about your ancestors. Discover personal information like names of household memebers, birthplaces, occupations, and more.


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AncestryDNA® provides a detailed view of African ethnicity.

Discover your origions from over 1000 regions around the world—including 12 distinct regions across Africa and over 90 African American and Afro—Caribbean communities that can tell you about your family's U.S. and Caribbean history. AncestryDNA® lets you trace and connect to your African roots in greater detail than ever before.


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How the latest technology can reveal new insights into your past.

Find out how AncestryDNA® can help you discover your unique family story—from tracing your roots to specific regions in Africa to learning about your ancestors’ history in the New World.

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