AncestryDNA® Ethnicity Regions & Communities Tips

We’re excited to help you understand the math and science behind your AncestryDNA® Story. These articles explain how ethnicity estimates and communities are created and how to best interpret your results.

Introducing your ethnicity estimate

What types of regions are in my ethnicity estimate?

What is a reference panel?

How are communities used in my DNA story?

How are communities identified?

How do I get assigned to communities?

Why do some communities move?

Why you might have more (or less) of a certain region...

Will I get communities for all the places my family is from?

Why is a close family member assigned to a community that I don’t have?

How does AncestryDNA discover the stories behind communities?

What do the dots and lines on the map represent?

Who are the other people in my communities?

How will communities change over time?

How is the range calculated?

Whitepaper Communities

How does SideView™ technology split your results by parent?

How does ethnicity inheritance work?