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Name: John William Akers

Birth: 19 Oct 1828 Georgia, USA

Death: 5/16/1910 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Father: Samuel Wells Akers

Mother: Nancy Robins

Name: John Thomas Akers

Birth: 05 Jun 1856 Deptford, Kent, England

Death: 1935 Glamorgan, Wales

Father: Henry John Akers

Mother: Elizabeth Catherine Hall

Name: John Bogue Akers

Birth: 7 APR 1843 Floyd, KY, USA

Death: 14 APR 1918 Floyd, Kentucky

Father: David Daniel Akers

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Collier

Name: John C. Akers

Birth: 22 Dec 1859 Van Lear, Johnson, Kentucky, USA

Death: 1934 Wayne County, West Virginia, USA

Father: Robert N Akers

Mother: Nancy Beck Porter

Name: John Akers

Birth: Jun 1860 Plumstead, Kent, England

Death: 1936 Greenwich, London, England

Father: William Thomas Akers

Mother: Frances Hartnup

Name: John H. Akers

Birth: 25 Jun 1860 Russell County, Virginia, United States

Death: 5/24/1936 Roswell, Chaves, New Mexico, USA

Father: William Henry Akers

Mother: Margaret Kimberlin

Name: John S Akers

Birth: Aug. 1846 Russell County or Smythe County, Virginia, USA

Death: 14 Nov 1919 Kingsport, Sullivan, Tennessee

Father: Thomas J. Akers

Mother: Mary Emma 'Polly' Suits

Name: John Brooks Akers

Birth: 11 Mar 1890 London Apprentic, Cornwall, England

Death: 11 Aug 1972 Prince Albert Saskatchewan

Father: Harry Hawkings Akers

Mother: Frances Lavinia Brooks

Name: John C Akers

Birth: 5 Apr 1877 Manchester, Scott, Illinois, United States

Death: 28 Mar 1933 Roodhouse, Green County, Illinois, USA

Father: Stephen Edgar Akers

Mother: Maria Curtis

Name: John Shannon Akers

Birth: 13 May 1890 Jasper County, Indiana, USA

Death: 24 March 1960 Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana, USA

Father: John Henry Akers

Mother: Henriette Samantha Mary Jane Lewis

Name: John F Akers

Birth: 23 Jul 1845 Rainsburg, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 18 June 1917 Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Erastus Jeremiah Akers

Mother: Sophia L Gump

Name: John "Smith" Akers

Birth: 22 May 1825 Rockcastle, Ky

Death: 24 May 1888 White Deer Valley, Fresno, California, USA

Father: William "Henry" Akers

Mother: Delilah Miller (Akers)

Name: John Edwin "Buddy" Akers

Birth: 24 April 1901 Atascosa County Texas

Death: 03 Dec 1968 Jourdanton, Atascosa, Texas, USA

Father: Hugh Parsons Akers

Mother: Dora Viola Hilburn

Name: John Ernest Akers

Birth: 3 Nov 1909 Morrill, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, United States

Death: 12 Apr 1994 Denver, Denver, CO, USA

Father: Fred Rankin Akers

Mother: Civilla Mae Baum

Name: John Harvey Akers

Birth: 21 December 1822 Akersville, Fulton, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 4 Jan 1893 Brush Creek, Fulton, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Ephraim Akers

Mother: Margaret Hill

Name: John William Akers

Birth: 23 Jan 1834 Christiansburg, Montgomery, Virginia, United States

Death: 10 Jan 1927 Floyd County, Virginia

Father: Russell Elswick Akers

Mother: Sarah "Sallie" Rader

Name: John C Akers

Birth: 16 Oct 1829 Montgomery County, Virginia

Death: 4 May 1910 Hendricks County, Indiana

Father: Moses Akers

Mother: Catherine 'Kitty' Altizer

Name: John Clement Akers

Birth: 1804/05/20 Wain,,Pennsylvania,USA

Death: 30 Mar 1885 Oasis, Johnson, Iowa, United States

Father: William Clement Akers

Mother: Mary B "Polly" Coe

Name: John Henry Akers

Birth: 13 December 1868 DeKalb County, Georgia, USA

Death: 20 Oct 1905 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Father: William Thomas Akers

Mother: Laura Beecher Nichols

Name: John Clyde Akers

Birth: 4 March 1889 Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, USA

Death: 25 October 1945 Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri, USA

Father: Alfred Howard Akers

Mother: Mary Alice Wescoat

Name: John Nelson Akers

Birth: 27 May 1900 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1951 Mount Vernon, Knox, Ohio, United States

Father: James Nelson Akers

Mother: Eveline (Akers) Kennard

Name: John Akers

Birth: 8 Nov 1771 Franklin, Marshall, West Virginia, USA

Death: 3 Sep 1849 Norcross, Gwinnett County, Georgia, United States of America

Father: William Akers

Mother: Mary "Polly" Blackburn

Name: John William Akers

Birth: 16 July 1852 Windsor, Shelby, Illinois, USA

Death: 17 April 1910 Parsons, Labette, Kansas, USA

Father: Almon Akers

Mother: Elizabeth Ann DeMoss

Name: John Henry Akers

Birth: 25 December 1852 Floyd, Kentucky, United States

Death: 2 February 1937 Lawrence, Kentucky, United States

Father: Jonathan Wesley AKERS

Mother: Sarah Ellen 'Sally' Howell

Name: John Akers

Birth: 1731 Hartwith Cum Winsley,York,England

Death: 3 Apr 1810 Felliscliffe, Hampsthwaite, North Yorkshire

Father: Joseph Akers

Mother: Mary Beanne

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