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Name: Ellis Glover

Birth: 6 Apr 1910 Wheeler, Prentiss Co, MS

Death: 11 Sep 1988 Wheeler Mississippi

Father: Jones Curtis Glover

Mother: Mary Alice Brownlee

Name: Ellis Glover

Birth: 10 Apr 1876 Clark County, Missouri, USA

Death: 1926 Clark County Missouri

Father: Benjamin Franklin Glover

Mother: Lucy Dennis Morris

Name: Ellis Glover

Birth: abt 1880 Bramley, Yorkshire, England

Death: Dec 1942 Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Father: John Ellis Glover

Mother: Elizabeth Fletcher

Name: Ellis Edward Glover

Birth: 15 Sep 1869 Marion County, West Virginia

Death: 28 Jun 1952 Hancock, West Virginia

Father: Jackson Glover


Name: Ellis Gordon Glover

Birth: 26 February 1898 Canning Town, Essex, England

Death: 13 September 1938 West Ham, Essex, England

Father: William Glover

Mother: Henrietta (Frances) Leach

Name: Ellis Glover

Birth: abt 1872 Sutton, Lancashire, England

Death: Sep 1940 Prescot, Lancashire, England

Father: Elias Glover

Mother: Margaret Yates

Name: Ellis Glover

Birth: 08 Sep 1866 Kensington, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Death: 10 Feb 1923 North Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: John Glover

Mother: Margaret Hetherington Walker

Name: Ellis Frederick Glover

Birth: abt 1896 St Helens, Lancashire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: William Thomas Glover

Mother: Edith Annie Lea

Name: Ellis "Eli" Jeremiah Glover

Birth: Sep 1859 Blount, Alabama, United States

Death: 26 Feb 1921 Scurry, Texas, USA

Father: Isaac Glover

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Bynum

Name: Ellis Milton Glover

Birth: 22 Sep 1880 Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Death: unknown unknown

Father: Solomon Glover

Mother: Martha Haughton

Name: Ellis E Glover

Birth: 16 Oct 1933 Copeland, Gray, Kansas, USA

Death: 13 Jul 1985 Castle Rock, Douglas, Colorado, USA

Father: Spencer Wesley Glover

Mother: Jessie Fern Shuman

Name: Ellis H Glover

Birth: Oct 1866 Massachusetts

Death: Not Available

Father: John Clough Glover

Mother: Mary F. Horton

Name: Ellis Wayne Glover

Birth: 14 Oct 1950 Owensboro Da, Kentucky

Death: 30 Apr 1996 Owensboro, Daviess, Kentucky, United States of America

Father: Hawes Ellis Glover

Mother: Francis Leona Gillians

Name: Ellis L Glover

Birth: 19 Nov 1905 West Virginia

Death: Oct 1980 Charleston, West Virginia, USA

Father: Homer Windford Glover

Mother: Virginia Bell Adkins

Name: Ellis Glover

Birth: October 1878 Sutton St Helens, Lancashire

Death: Sep 1966 Prescot, Lancashire, England

Father: William Glover

Mother: Agnes Teebay

Name: Ellis Cimp Glover '

Birth: December 13, 1920 Seward, Logan, Oklahoma

Death: 30 Nov 1998 Mercy Hosp., Oklahoma City, OK

Father: Leon Marshall Glover

Mother: Lena Jane Estella Blanchey "

Name: Ellis Ray Glover

Birth: 10 Jan 1890 Randolph, Massachusetts

Death: Mar 1972 Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

Father: John Henry Glover

Mother: Lillie Maria Stetson

Name: Ellis Harold Glover

Birth: 18 Oct 1919 Ettrick, Chesterfield, Virginia, USA

Death: 27 Sep 1985 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Ellis "Willie" Glover

Mother: Iora Erla Muire

Name: Ellis Alan William Glover

Birth: 20/12/1915 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England

Death: 2001 Devon, England

Father: Walter Ellis Lawton Glover

Mother: Florence Martha Skelhorn

Name: Ellis C Glover

Birth: 26 Apr 1927 Blackwood CA, New Jersey

Death: 28 Nov 2001 Gibbsboro, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Father: Clarence Glover

Mother: Viola Marietta Hagerman

Name: Ellis Victor Glover

Birth: 31 May 1922 BRISTOL Avon England

Death: Aug 2001 South Gloucester, England and Wales

Father: Amos Glover

Mother: Mary Baker

Name: Ellis C Glover

Birth: abt 1921 Oklahoma

Death: 30 Nov 1998 Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Harrison Glover

Mother: Cornelia Coleman

Name: Ellis Morton GLOVER

Birth: 19 Dec 1845 Stoughton, Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Death: 28 Aug 1855 Stoughton, Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Father: John Clough Glover

Mother: Ann Wadsworth Monk

Name: Ellis Glover

Birth: 08 Sep 1866 Kensington, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Death: 10 Feb 1923

Father: John Glover

Mother: Margaret Hetherington Walker

Name: Ellis A Glover

Birth: 16 Sep 1896 Oklahoma, USA

Death: 27 Jun 1975 Oakland, Alameda, California, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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