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Exporting Lineages

Exporting Lineages

Posted: 1365968500000
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In building my tree I have several descents from historical figures. Using William the Conqueror as an example, is there a way within FTM to export a GEDCOM that contains both the ancestors of myself AND descendants of William? In other words, the exported individuals would have to meet both of those criteria.

Baring that, is there another piece of software or utility that could do that to a GEDCOM?

Re: Exporting Lineages

Posted: 1365983153000
Classification: Query
Try this, run two filters in succession:

1) Select yourself, ancestors, ZERO generations of descendants of ancestors.

Let the right panel fill up. Then, do another filter

2) Select William, select all descendants, click ok.

Re: Exporting Lineages

Posted: 1365987611000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1365987675000
Doesn't really achieve what I'm looking for. I'm trying to export a list where each individual is BOTH an ancestor of myself AND a descendant of William.

What you suggest gives me a list of all of my ancestors AND all descendants of William, a much larger list.

I'm reading my earlier post it looks like I wasn't quite clear on exactly what I was looking for.

Re: Exporting Lineages

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Hmm, that sounds like you want a direct line report, leading to an export. FTM has this capability in three reports - one of which is a chart which can be exported.

1) Outline Descendant Report from Wm to you - cannot be exported, includes spouses.

2) Relationship chart from Wm to you - Does not include spouses - cannot be exported.

3) Descendant chart - you can designate directly from Wm to you. See "Descendants" option in right panel - find yourself in that list of descendants. It looks like you can elect not to include spouse of "top" ancestor. You can right click in a blank area of the report and choose to export all persons in the chart (I think this picks up spouses, as well.).


You can also do it the hard way.

1) Export all of Wm's descendants to a file. This will pickup spouses.

2) Take that file, select yourself, and export all of your ancestors in that file.

3) The resulting second export meets both of your criteria. I believe it will include spouses. If you don't want spouses, you may have to delete them one at a time.

Re: Exporting Lineages

Posted: 1365994075000
Classification: Query
I think "the hard way" is exactly what I'm looking for, albeit in two steps. I should've thought of that..... Thanks!

Now, to find a way to print that and display it visually.....

Re: Exporting Lineages

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I would expect displaying and exporting the descendants of Wm in a straight-line to you in the Descendants Chart would give the exact same dataset - unless it doesn't show multiple lines of descent (ie cousin marriages).

But, whatever floats your boat.

".... display visually"

Have you tried the three reports I mentioned?? They should give you three alternatives.

The only wrinkle might be whether the charts (2 and 3) can handle multiple lines of descent. The Outline Descendant Report CAN handle multiple lines of descent (ie evidencing cousin marriages between ancestors).

All three will show at least one line of descent directly from Wm to you; and the ODR will show AlL lines.

Re: Exporting Lineages

Posted: 1367696142000
Classification: Query

After finally having some time to play with this concept I went about it the "hard way." I exported a GEDCOM with all my ancestors, then reloaded it then exported a GEDCOM with William's descendants.

Using some free software I found (yEd) I was able to generate the kind of chart I'm looking for:

This shows all lines of descent from William I to my great great grandfather. Yes, I had to delete the spouses manually to clean it up a bit.

So, since variety is the spice of life, anyone else have a method they use to accomplish the same thing?
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