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Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

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Surnames: Beard
I am seeking information on ELIZABETH BEARD who died in Campbell County in 1782. Elizabeth was married to John Beard, the lived on land on Falling River.

Any information you could share on Elizabeth and John Beard would be greatly appreciated. I have some material that I am quite willing to share.

Thank you for your consideration. mike beard

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

Hellen Rynd (View posts)
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Surnames: Beard
I have an Elizabeth Beard in my family ,also from the Falling Creek area of Bedford Co. . Would apperciate any info you can give me.

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

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Surnames: Beard, Rutherford,Campbell, Phair, Farr, Russell, Boaz, Robinson

Elizabeth Beard (c1706-1787+) married John Beard (c1700-1780). They lived on the Falling River in the area that was called in turn PrinceGeorge>Brunswick>Lunenberg>Bedford>Campbell counties, VA. There is a suggestion that Elizabeth may have been a Rutherford.

Their children:
ii Agnes, born in 1723-25, m. William Rutherford.
ii Adam, born 1725, m Elizabeth (LNU);
iii Rachel b. 1730, m. Edward Phair (Farr);
iv Elizabeth b. 1731, m, Archibald Campbell;
v Hanna b.1735, m. William Rutherford (2nd wife);

John Beard's will probated Nov 26, 1780, mentions grandchildren:
Esabel Boze [Isabel Boaz, dau of Shadrack Boaz]
Rosannah Russell [dau of James Russell]
Jane Rutherford [dau of William Rutherford]
David Beard [son of Adam Beard]
Rachel Dixon [dau of George Dixon]
Adam Beard [son of Adam Beard]
Rachel Robinson [dau of James Robinson]

Elizabeth Beard proved that in 1779 and 1781she had furnished supplies to Revolutionary War Army and was allowed payment. She witnessed the marriage of her grandson James Campbell in 1784 in Campbell County.
She is listed in the 1785 and 1787 Campbell Co. Tax Lists, District 2. She disappears from my records at this point.

I would like to share any additonal information you may have and how she ties into your genealogy record. I have a huge file on John and Elizabeth Beard.

Mike Beard

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

karen (View posts)
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Did Rachel Beard m 1. Edward Pharr/Farr/Phair and then marry George Dixon in 1766, or is that a second Rachel Beard. I have a Rachel Beard m George Dixon 1766 Bedford Co VA with children:
Thomas m Polly Helm
Rachel m Thomas Davis 28 Jun 1801 Bedford
Anna m John Thomas
George Jr m Permelia Leftwich

(there may be other children, but those are the ones I'm aware of as being from George Dixon and Rachel Beard.
I have an abstract of John Beard's will (which in my opinion is not a good abstract, especially the quality of information given)
Bedford Co VA Will Bk 1 p 384
Bedford Co VA apr 20 1780
Wife Elizabeth
Daughter Elizabeth Campbell
Granddaughters Rossana Russell, Jean Rutherford, Elizabeth Campbell, Esebell Boze, RACHEL DIXON, Rachel Robinson
Gransons David Beard, Samuel Beard, Adam Beard
son in laws, William Rutherford, former son in law Edward Phair (Fair)
Executress Daughter Elizabeth Campbell
witn Thomas McReynolds, Charles Hall, James Campbell
Recorded Nov 26 1780
Teste James Steptoe CBC

Oddly, he does not mention other living children except his wife, Elizabeth and daughter Elizabeth. Then he seems to name a former son in law, but perhaps not a current son in law. On the other hand, perhaps she married George Dixon first and then married Edward Phair, but the childen were by George Dixon, Rachel's first husband. Rachel may have married 2nd, Edward Pharr and died, hence Edward would have been a former son in law??

I am also assuming there was an additional daughter who married the Shadrack Boze (Boaz) ? Otherwise, we wouldn't have Esther Boze <G> or one of the daughters was married more than once. It would seem that he may have given a grandchild from each of his children's marriages a legacy, but not all of his grandchildren as many outlived him?


George Dixon would have been my 8th great uncle, or so I think.

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

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RE: A daughter of Elizabeth Beard, Elizabeth m. Archiabld Campbell

I have noticed competing assertions regarding the identity of the wife of Archibald Campbell who owned land on Naked Creek (a part of a patent dated 1780)in Bedford/Campbell County, VA. Elizabeth Beard vs. Elizabeth Baker. I think the wording in two Bills of Sale in Campbell County, VA might point to a theory that Archibald married twice.

See Campbell County, Virginia Deed Book 3, 1790-1796 pages 28-30. FHL film #0031022. Two Bills of Sale dated 3 Feb 1791. Archibald Campbell and his wife, Elizabeth sell land along Naked Creek to Anthony Askew and Jonathan Pue. In both documents the following phrase is used: "I the sd Archibald Campbell do hereby warrant and defend the sd land and premises from the claims or claims of any persons whatsoever and will by these presents acknowledge with my now wife Elizabeth this our deed in open court when required."

The phrase "now wife" would seem to indicate a second wife. Did Elizabeth Beard, daughter of John and Elizabeth Campbell die before Feb 1791? Did Archibald Campbell get remarried to Elizabeth Baker before Feb 1791?

Thanks - Ronald Hall

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

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Or did it mean that she was not his wife when the original deed patent was acquired in 1780, and was not mentioned in the papers, so he was explaining that he now had a wife?

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

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I guess you are sayig with all those children it was time he married her.

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

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Heh heh YOU said it not me! ;-)

Or maybe she insisted on being on the document since there was money involved! Here's another thought, are you looking at transcriptions or original documents? Depending on the handwriting, Beard and Baker can look very much alike, and it may be a mistake. I transcribe census records and am continually amazed at the name butchering by census takers. The clerk may have not known her maiden name and heard it wrong, you never know.

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

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Regarding Colonial patents to land owned by the King & later the State,
women could never own land in their own right or apart from their husbands
for many years. Males could buy land at age 14 or thereabout but couldn't
sell it until 21. In other words, married women didn't have ownership via
patents (grants) automatically as a result of their husband's land

As for "now wife"; this phrase can be found in several different types of
documents, usually wills. A man would specify the wife to whom he was
married on that date. It wasn't regarded as testimony he had been
previously married, But he could have been.

Wives had "Dower rights" to a portion of lands owned by their husband ;
always in his name only). The law sought protection for the widow to have a
place to live, etc. This is why numerous recorded deeds/indentures for
tracts of land to being sold mention the wife agreeing with the sale and not
being coerced. This usually was mentioned in some detail when the deed was
proved in Court and ordered recorded. Those deeds are useful for 'proving'
a wife's given name as of the date of the instrument was signed, and
sometimes in tough searches, the only place where a name can be found.

Bill Hunt

Re: Elizabeth Beard c1710-1782

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Hi Ron,
I ran accross this post by mistake in Campbell County forum, but I am very interested to talk to you about this Baker/Beard mystery as I am a direct decendant of 'said Archibald Campbell through his son John b.6 Feb 1761 Bedford, m. Sarah Vance. Sourced D.A.R.
This mystery is of great importance to me in that I can not publish (internet not withstanding) our family genealogy untill I can sort this and a couple other thing out. I have this book:

Campbell kith and kin: Descendents of Archibald Campbell and Elizabeth Baker, who came from Campbell County, Virginia, to Knox County, Tennessee, 1796 (Unknown Binding)by Grace Spencer Fassnacht (Author)

I tracked this down with the help of a genealogical volunteer from TN who found the author's son. A very old man himself. I chatted with him and he sold me a copy. She (the author) asserts that Archibald and Elizabeth Baker were married abt. 1755 probably in Prince Edward Co. She further asserts that they raised 8 children, one of them James, who's wedding a certain Elizabeth Beard witnessed. She does not mention that this Elizabeth was the grandmother of James.(m. Jane Means). She also mentions the land deed of "Askew, and Pew", but she sources deed, but does quote it saying "now wife". Also she says that per deed; April 13, 1801, Deed Book 5, pg. 545 "to receive acknowledgement of Elizabeth Campbell and examine her privately and apart from her husband Archibald Campbell."

That being said, Mrs. Fassnacht (author) states that research into the estate of Samuel Baker solidified the identity of Mrs. Archibald Campbell as that of Elizabeth Baker. Samuel Baker's will is dated 13 Aug 1782. Other info states the actions of Elizabeth, son and family friend in attending to the will. All Campbell and Baker wills are in the book.

Ok, Ive seen the evidence that Elizabeth is the daughter of John Beard and it also looks very credible to me. Especially his wife's witnessing of her grandson James' wedding. Also some documents concerning both Archibald and John Beard. I have to have my 'bloodlines' and I would give up my Baker research if I knew I should be after John Beard.

Parting thoughts:

Archibald's grandfather James was m. to Margaret Beard. Arch's father was John, another enigma. and here's part of a post I found one time:

Message Board Post:

Thanks for the reply; with what you have given me on the Campbells, I think I can put together the family back to the original immigrant.
Archibald Campbell and Elizabeth Beard were the parents of James and John Campbell. Here goes the rest of these Campbells: Archibald Campbell, b. on Island of Jura, off the coast of Argyll, Scotland. He came to the American Colonies about 1740, along with sons; Malcolm, James, John and William Campbell.
Malcolm b. 1720 in Argyllshire, Scotland,d. June 1763 at Big Lick, VA.
James emigrated to Bladen Co., NC. He acquired a 600 acre land grant there.
We think John settled in N.Y. with the info we have.
William, we haven't any additional information on him at present.
Malcolm Campbell came to Big Lick when his children were grown from PA. He had a grant in Roanoke of 440 acres and a house at Lick Spring. He furnished supplies for the French and Indian War. Thomas Walker found Malcolm Campbell at the Great Lick in March 1750 and bought corn from him.
This land which became his sons, Archibald and William Campbell, emcompassed the salt licks.
Malcolm Campbell md Isabella Huston Their children were:
William Campbell, b. 1745, Botetourt Co.VA;d. April 1804.
Archibald, b. 1743, Botetourt Co., VA; d. March 11 1774
Elizabeth Campbell, bl 1747, Botetourt Co.VA; md William Simpson.
Jean Campbell, m Nathaniel Evans
Mary Campbell, b. 1749, Botetourt Co.VA
Jane Campbell
Rebecca Campbell, b. 1751,Botetourt Co, VA

Whatever. Hope I didn't wear you down reading this. If you care to correspond, I'm at, hope to hear from you.- Bill Campbell

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