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Elshaug Family

Elshaug Family

Posted: 1360645218000
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Surnames: Elshaug
Seeking Elshaug families from the State of Minnesota. Doing research on my husband's family.

Thank you

Re: Elshaug Family

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Try google, using words Elshaug Minnesota

or for names and addresses

Do you have a name to start with?

Minnesota birth index online 1900 to 1934:

Minnesota death index online 1908 to 2001:

Minnesota marriages:

And do a free search at

You can specify Minnesota.

Or post the name of the ancestor you are searching for, and someone here can help you.

Re: Elshaug Family

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Elshaug seems to be a Norwegian name.

Re: Elshaug Family

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Thank you so much for the suggestions. Appreciate it. Yes it is Norwegian. The people I'm trying to find more information for are from 1700-1850. I am hoping if I can find some families they may have more information. Elshaug is not a common Norwegian name. I am going to use your suggestions and see where I can get!

Take care!

Re: Elshaug Family

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I can help you if you me a name to work with.

The best Elshaug I find in Norway on the 1865 census is a main farm with several subfarms in the Norwegian county called Møre og Romsdal, Municipality (or main parish) called Rindal. There are 76 people living at one of the subfarms at Elshaug in 1865 on the census. 76 people living at 13 different farms called Elshaug, in Rindal parish.

that is the link so you can search the census. Put Elshaug in for the farm name.

In 1886, on the farm tax census, there is an alternative spelling for the farm used. Alshogden.

Fylke (county): Møre og Romsdal
Kommune (municipality or main parish): Rindal
Sogn (local church) : Rindalen
Gårdsnummer (main farm number) 21
Gammelt matrikkelnr (old numbering system): 20
Navn på gård (name of the main farm): Alshogden
Antall bruk registrert på matrikkelgården (total subfarms registered at this farm tax census): 6

The following shows the farms in 1886 -
Let me translate or explain how it works:
1 37a, 38a Alshogden Jon Nilsen 3-18 1-4-21-0 Alm. skr. Elshoug.

means, Subfarm 1, used to go by the numbers 37a and 38a, (two parcels of land together) called Alshogden, owner Jon Nilsen, tax amounts are given in two types of monetary valuation - today Norwegian money is Mark and øre - (similar to dollars and cents) But previously they used Daler - ort and skilling. So this shows the tax amounts in both systems. maybe they were having a changeover of their monetary system at that time. Then it says, Also spelled Elshoug. (and Elshaug)

Bruksnr Gammelt
løpenr Bruksnavn Brukers navn Skyld i
Mark-Øre Skyld i
Daler-Ort-Skilling Merknad
1 37a, 38a Alshogden Jon Nilsen 3-18 1-4-21-0 Alm. skr. Elshoug.
2 37b, 38b, 40 Alshogden Ole Jonsen 4-15 2-1-20-0 Alm. skr. Elshoug.
3 37c, 38c Alshogden Mikkel Mikkelsen 3-76 2-1-14-0 Alm. skr. Elshoug.
4 37d, 38d Kleven Ole Jonsen 0-49 0-1-3-0 Alm. skr. Elshoug.
5 37e, 38e Alshogden Lars Pedersen 0-20 0-0-15-0 Alm. skr. Elshoug.
6 39 Alshogden Lars Ingebrigtsen 3-76 2-1-12-0 Alm. skr. Elshoug.

So the real question is, which of those 6 (or earlier 13) subfarms did your ancestors come from ? All of the people with the last name of Elshaug are not related to each other, but they all may harken back to this farm in Rindal parish. And may have taken the farm name as their last name in America, which was common.

In order to find information from 1700 to 1850, you should probably be posting your question on the Møre og Romsdal query board, although some of that information is online and accessible to anyone. For free. I read Norwegian, so it helps when searching Norwegian records.
Post here:

In the time frame you are searching, the Rindal Bygdebok collection may have the answers you need. Here are the books that exist.
Hyldbakk, H. Gards- og ættesoge for Rindal, v. 1 1964 DL596.R5 H9 Farms

Hyldbakk, H. Gards- og ættesoge for Rindal, v. 2 1966 DL596.R5 H9 Farms

Hyldbakk, H. Gards- og ættesoge for Rindal, v. 3 1967 DL596.R5 H9 Farms

Hyldbakk, H. & Karlstrøm, W. Gards- og ættesoge for Rindal, v. 4 1999 DL596.R5 H9 Farms

Namneregister for Rindal 1999 DL596.R5 H9 People Name index

Nergård, L. Utvandrarhistorie frå Rindal 1977 DL596.R5 N47 General,People Emigration

By 1950 there were 25 separate parcels of land at Elshaug. Even though the records showed Alshogden as the name, note that most of the farm owners are using the name Elshaug as the spelling.

Møre og Romsdal
Rindal herad
21 Alshogden (Elshaug)
1 Alshogden 0 mark 73 øre Lars O. Elshaug Alshogden (Elshaug) (overstrøket)
2 Alshogden 3 mark 40 øre Ole O. Elshaug Alshogden Utigard (overstrøket)
3 Alshogden 1 mark 82 øre Ole O. Elshaug (Opp.)
4 Kleven 0 mark 43 øre Anna Marta Foseide
5 Alshogden 0 mark 09 øre Tore Larsen
6 Alshogden 3 mark 26 øre Lars O. Elshaug
7 Oppigar 1 mark 30 øre Ole O. Elshaug
8 Bakken 0 mark 23 øre Lars L. Elshaug
9 Oppigard nordre 0 mark 03 øre Ole O. Elshaug
10 Saghaug 0 mark 21 øre Lars L. Elshaug
11 Østre Kleven 0 mark 23 øre Anna Marta Foseide
12 Luberg Stormyrskogen 0 mark 10 øre Tore L. Elshaug
13 Nordre Saghaug 0 mark 41 øre Lars L. Elshaug
14 Teigen 0 mark 05 øre Tore L. Elshaug
21 Moatrøa 0 mark 10 øre Ingebrigt O. Elshaug
22 Elshauggjære 0 mark 30 øre Lars A. Elshaug
23 Elstad 0 mark 69 øre Ole O. Elshaug
24 Elshauggjære Nedre 0 mark 01 øre Lars A. Elshaug
25 Stenløkken 0 mark 40 øre Ole O. Elshaug
26 Lunset 0 mark 01 øre Leif Skei

Re: Elshaug Family

Posted: 1360725777000
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This website has some information about Rindal emigration.

If you want to search Elshaug emigrants by yourself, (or I can help) this website is a search for the emigrants from Trondheim, one of the ports the Elshaug residents emigrated from.

Choose from the drop down menu, Last name, contains and type in Elsh That shows Elshaug and Elshoug. Plus a few others, but mostly Elshaug.

Re: Elshaug Family

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Wow! I am so glad you commented on my post! What a wealth of information I have been trying to figure out. I am new at this and the Norway naming convention is somewhat confusing as back in those days they just changed their names if they moved to another farm (at least I was told that.)

I do have a typed family tree for my husband's family (Elshaug) however I do wonder of it's complete accuracy and I have been unable to do much research not understanding the Norwegian way much at all if any.

I will say that there are lots of names in this tree I have that you list in your message. One particular is Fosseide. That is how it is spelt on the tree.

I am just really greatful for your assistance and knowledge! Truly.

Is your family from Norway? Is that why you know so much? Curious is all :)

Re: Elshaug Family

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I've been doing online Norwegian research since 1997, first for my husband's family, then my own, and then helping others using what I've learned.

I see that the Rindal Bygdeboks, the farm and family history books for the parish of Rindal, which is organized by farm, and then lists the families who lived on those farms, usually back to 1600's in most bygdeboks - those books are online digitally BUT only for people who have a computer IP address which originates in Norway. (that's what the directions say in Norwegian) so I wasn't able to open it.

Here is the link anyway, in case a Norwegian answers your query at Møre og Romsdal message board here on, you can ask them to look.

I'm not sure which volume Elshaug farm is in, but the last volume is a farm and name register (index) for all of the first 4 volumes.

In a previous post, I gave you the names and call numbers of all of the books, so maybe you can go to your local library and see if any of them would be available in an interlibrary loan. University of North Dakota in Grand Forks has the books, but maybe only for use at their facility. Other bygdebok collections might exist - I know University of Minnesota in Minneapolis has a collection, and St. Olaf College in southern Minnesota, and U of Wisconsin.

The best thing to do is find a Norwegian with the books.

I did find online that Volume 2 is the one you would need to start with, at Elshaug.
Book title:
Rindal gards- og ættesoge, bind 2
© Nasjonalbiblioteket.
utgitt 1999. (published 1999)
(Gårds- og slektshistorie for Rindal, Rindalsholt, Landsem, Elshaug, Grønli, Fosseide, Nedre Øyen, Holte, Stor-Tiset, Furuhaug, Lille-Tiset, Bakken, Negård, Litjåsen)
(farm and family history for the above listed farms, including Elshaug.) Remember the Elshaug farm number, from my earlier post.

I see you haven't posted a query yet at the Møre og Romsdal Message board. If you do, title it something like:

Elshaug farm at Rindal

I did find this name and email of an Olav in Norway who offered to help someone else who was looking for the bygdebok for Rindal. It could be old now though.

There also was a lookups volunteer Connie Jaynes, who posted online that she had the 4 volumes, and was willing to do lookups. You need volume 2 for Elshaug, to start.

There is also a very Norwegian sounding Arnfinn who has the books for Rindal and is a lookups volunteer:

It seems that Arnfinn has the volumes from the 1960's publication. They republished the books, adding updates in 1999, so that book would be the easiest one to use to determine which of your relatives are still living in the area today. That is possible, to find living relatives, some are often still on the farm, or on a neighboring farm. Then it's easy to find Norwegians in their online telephone directory and get addresses, etc. There is even an website called which you can look them up by name, and match the birthday given in the Bygdebok and be sure you have the right person.

Good luck - Taryn from Minnesota

Re: Elshaug Family

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I have a John Elshaug in my family, but he lived in South Dakota. I don't know if he is related to any family in Minnesota. You can find him on buried at Belleview Cemetery, Miner County, South Dakota.

Re: Elshaug Family

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Surnames: Elshaug
There are several Elshaugs listed in the Fergus Falls City telephone directory in Otter Tail County MN.
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