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William Parm Jackson

William Parm Jackson

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Am looking for parents fo William Parm Jackson born before 1792in Va. or NC; died 1864 Howard County, Mo. Wife Elizabeth H. Dameron born 1793 NC

Not what your looking for but, maybe some help for me

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My grandfather was born in Stover, MO. to a Will Jackson and Ethel Lee Jackson Adams. Maybe related maybe not. If you think so I would like to share info with you.

Jackson Family

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I don't know how to reach you by hot mail. If you have an e-mail address I would be glad to see if I could help you. Haroldena

Hotmail is an email accoung

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just send your email to or both email address's will come to my computer.


Re: William Parm Jackson

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Surnames: Jackson, Dameron, Carney, Moore, Calloway, White, Thompson, Wynn, Upchurch, Mohon, Winn, Williams, Bozarth, many more
William Parm Jackson is actually William Parham Jackson. Would love to share information.

Descendants of ISAAC Thomas Jackson

1 ISAAC Thomas Jackson Abt 1768 - 1808 b: Abt 1768 in Virginia d: 1808 in Caswell County, North Carolina Age at death: 40 est.
. +Patsey Dameron Abt 1767 - b: Abt 1767 in Northumberland County, Virginia
........ 2 ROBERT Jackson Abt 1790 - Abt 1875 b: Abt 1790 in Virginia d: Abt 1875 in Henry County, Tennessee Age at death: 85 est.
............ +RACHEL Carney Abt 1795 - b: Abt 1795
................... 3 ISAAC Tucker Jackson Abt 1812 - Aft 1870 b: Abt 1812 in North Carolina d: Aft 1870 Age at death: 58 est.
....................... +Mary W. Moore 1815 - b: 1815 in Tennessee
................... *2nd Wife of ISAAC Tucker Jackson:
....................... +Eliza Catherine Calloway - Bef 1870 d: Bef June 1870 Age at death: ?
................... 3 Lucy Ann Jackson Abt 1819 - Unknown b: Abt 1819 in Tennessee d: Unknown Age at death: ?
....................... +Thomas M. White
................... 3 Martha Susan Jackson 1820 - 1887 b: March 5, 1820 in Tennessee d: September 28, 1887 Age at death: 67
....................... +William Thompson Unknown - b: Unknown
................... *2nd Husband of Martha Susan Jackson:
....................... +Richard Wynn
................... *3rd Husband of Martha Susan Jackson:
....................... +Jesse Upchurch
................... 3 Joshua Jackson Abt 1826 - Abt 1872 b: Abt 1826 in Tennessee d: Abt 1872 Age at death: 46 est.
....................... +Mary C. Mohon
................... 3 Robert William Jackson 1828 - 1916 b: June 24, 1828 in Sumner County, Tennessee d: February 17, 1916 Age at death: 87
....................... +Mary Jane
................... 3 Nancy Catherine Jackson 1831 - 1885 b: July 24, 1831 in Tennessee d: January 10, 1885 Age at death: 53
....................... +Joseph McNeill Winn
................... *2nd Husband of Nancy Catherine Jackson:
....................... +James W. Williams
................... 3 Thomas F. Jackson Abt 1834 - Unknown b: Abt 1834 in Tennessee d: Unknown Age at death: ?
........ 2 William Parham Jackson Abt 1792 - Abt 1864 b: Abt 1792 in North Carolina d: Abt 1864 in Howard County, Missouri Age at death: 72 est.
............ +Elizabeth H. Dameron Abt 1793 - b: Abt 1793 in North Carolina
................... 3 Priscilla Belle Jackson 1812 - b: 1812
....................... +Andrew Bozarth
................... 3 William Parham Jackson, Jr. 1809 - b: 1809
................... 3 Benjamin Jackson 1814 - b: 1814
................... 3 Jane Jackson 1823 - b: 1823
................... 3 Francis Mildred Jackson 1824 - 1896 b: May 26, 1824 in North Carolina d: August 27, 1896 in Adair County, Missouri Age at death: 72
....................... +Beverly Alexander Bozarth
................... 3 James B. Jackson 1832 - b: 1832
....................... +Nancy Elizabeth Bozarth
................... 3 George M. Jackson 1835 - b: 1835
................... 3 Elizabeth R. Jackson 1837 - b: 1837
................... 3 Andrew Jackson 1839 - b: 1839
........ 2 Alexander Dameron Jackson 1797 - 1886 b: May 5, 1797 in Nottoway County, Virginia d: April 15, 1886 in New Concord, Calloway County, Kentucky Age at death: 88
............ +Margaret Stalcup Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ?
................... 3 William Parham Jackson 1818 - Unknown b: September 15, 1818 in Sumner County, Tennessee d: Unknown in Sumner County, Tennessee Age at death: ?
................... 3 Martha Susan Jackson 1820 - 1898 b: July 27, 1820 in Sumner County, Tennessee d: October 31, 1898 in Calloway County, Kentucky Age at death: 78
....................... +Thomas Jefferson Hughes 1810 - 1891 b: 1810 in Sumner County, Tennessee d: February 20, 1891 in Calloway County, Kentucky Age at death: 81 est.
................... 3 Isaac Thomas Jackson 1823 - 1835 b: February 18, 1823 in Sumner County, Tennessee d: April 26, 1835 in Calloway County, Kentucky Age at death: 12
................... 3 William Alexander Jackson 1825 - 1911 b: March 31, 1825 in Sumner County, Tennessee d: February 2, 1911 in Calloway County, Kentucky Age at death: 85
....................... +Nancy J. Abernathy Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ?
................... 3 Martha Elizabeth Jackson 1827 - Unknown b: September 22, 1827 in Sumner County, Tennessee d: Unknown Age at death: ?
....................... +William Carol Byrd
................... 3 Nancy Ann Morehead Jackson 1829 - 1875 b: December 21, 1829 in Sumner County, Tennessee d: December 4, 1875 in Calloway County, Kentucky Age at death: 45
....................... +William B. Winchester
................... 3 Mary Jane Jackson 1832 - 1900 b: March 22, 1832 in Calloway County, Kentucky d: February 2, 1900 in Tennessee Age at death: 67
....................... +William Gilbreath
................... 3 Priscilla Eveline Jackson 1835 - 1891 b: March 27, 1835 in Calloway County, Kentucky d: September 29, 1891 in Calloway County, Kentucky Age at death: 56
....................... +Joel Brown Acree Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ?
................... 3 Isabelle Virginia Jackson 1843 - Unknown b: April 12, 1843 in Calloway County, Kentucky d: Unknown Age at death: ?
....................... +Martin Luther McCuiston Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ?
........ 2 Bartholomew Jackson Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ?
........ 2 Bit Jackson Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ?
........ 2 James A. Jackson Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ?
........ 2 Unknown Jackson Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ?

Re: William Parm Jackson

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Good to hear from you!! How are you related to the Bozarth line? Sending you my info from Wm. P. Jackson on down. Have same as you for his ancestors I got from net. I am descended from Priscilla Jackson and Andrew Bozarth's son Benjamin.
Descendants of William Parham Sr. Jackson
Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2 JACKSON (ISAAC THOMAS1) was born Bef. 1792 in North Carolina, and died 1864 in Howard County, Missouri Net has died NC. He married ELIZABETH H. DAMERON 24 December 1811 in Caswell County,North Carolina. She was born 1793 in North Carolina.

Neighbors and house numbers:
Greenberry Summers - 990; Andrew Jackson - 954; William Jackson - 946 William Ogle Married Greenberry's daughter - 991 Jonathan Bragg - 1187; Bronson Jackson - 944; Andrew G Jackson - 1199

Adair Co., Mo. Probate Record Book A Page 6:
James Cross, guardian of Francis, Benjamin D, William P, James and George Jackson. Aug 1843 Jackson was after each name.

Malinda Martin appears to give sec. (security) of her the complaint of Wm. P. Jackson, a J.P. Aug. 1843

Page 9. James Cross, guardian of the estate of Francis, Benjamin D., William P. James and George Jackson. Nov. 1843.

Page 11.... Ascertain whether Joseph Jackin (Jackson ?)was an insane man or not. Jurors as follows:
David Alexander, Jesse McPherson, Jesse Kirk, John T. Smith, George Clevenger and John Earhart...Jesse Hull appointed as a guardian of the estate of Joseph Jackson. 18 Nov. 1844

Don't know who Joseph is.. HP

Don't know if this is our Wm. Jackson or not:
History of Missouri 1888 Putnam County page 425
Pioneers on Medicine Creek and in Jackson Twp, mid 1840's were William and R R Jackson

History of Missouri 1888 Page 259
In June 1844 Thomas Allen, ........Mikel and W.P. Jackson were appointed judges of election in Pettis Twp.

Donna Zurcher
William Parm Jackson officiated at the Marriage of William Daniels and Lucinda Beets April 1858 Adair County, Missouri. He appears to have died in Howard County, but the executor of his will was his son - in
-law, Beverly A. Bozarth in Adair County, Missouri. The name Parm may be a surname as Beverly used it for a middle name for one of his daughters and it appears to have been used, again as a middle name, by
at least two other descendants of William Parm Jackson. Perhaps it was his mother's maiden name? Or was it short for Parmalee? Or even Palmantary, a name seen several times in the Bozarth family(2001-
Parm is Parham.)People of that era had a habit of making one syllable words out of two syllables HP)
Elizabeth Dameron married William P. Jackson 2 or 24 Dec 1811 in Caswell County, North Carolina according to April 1988 IGI of North Carolina. RJZ (Donna's husband, Bob HP) also found (May 1991)that a Joseph Dameron and a Christopher Dameron were on a 1790 tax list. (Caswell County NC 1790 is missing DZ) The Elizabeth living with W.P. Jackson in 1850 in Adair County census could,however, be his second wife as a Wm. Jackson married Elizabeth Williams in 1848 in Macon County,Missouri. That could be another William and Elizabeth Jackson as the Elizabeth in the census with Wm.P is shown as being born in N.C. Some of their children lived Saline County, Missouri and some appear to be buried there, including an Andrew (unreadable), who may be Andrew Bozarth. Andrew Bozarth died in Saline County, Missouri according to Haroldena Plante. ( I got this info from the letter that Ben Bozarth, daddy's father, wrote in answer to a letter from Charles Bozarth, who wrote the book of letters HP) However, DZ found no Priscilla Jackson or Bozarth buried there nor in Adair County where Andrew and Priscilla were living as late as 1870.

Page 178+ 23 October 1850 Howard Co. Mo. Jackson family
William 42 m 1808 N C William 9 m 1841 all these born in Mo
Jane 40 f 1810 Tenn P 10 f 1840
Martha 15 f 1835 Mo Sina 5 f 1845
Mary 13 f 1837 Mo Jane 3 f 1847
S. M. 11 f 1839 Mo dau 1 f 1849 Don't know who this family is

Notes for ELIZABETH H. DAMERON: ( Have a good sized file on Damerons HP)
From a letter of Donna Zurcher:
"At the Mormon Church last December Bob (Her husband) found a FG sheet for Beverly Bozarth on which was given, that daughter, Rena Wimber died in Utah in 1934, the maiden name Dammons for Francis Mildred Jackson Bozarth's mother, Elizabeth. (Francis 'Fanny' Mildred was a sister to Daddy's grandmother, Priscilla Jackson who married Andrew Bozarth, Ben's father HP) When Bob went back to the Mormon records yesterday I asked him to look up Damron as I didn't believe it could be Dammons, in
the North Carolina records. And there he found the marriage of William P. Jackson and Elizabeth Dameron listed once as 2 Dec 1811 and another time as 24 Dec 1811. I put it in my computer file as 24 Dec and copied a FGS for you."

2. i. PRISCILLA BELLE 3/W3 JACKSON, b. 14 November 1812, possibly Caswell County North Carolina; d.Aft. 1870, Sullivan County Missouri.
ii. BENJAMIN JACKSON, b. 1814, North Carolina; m. ELIZABETH WHITE, 20 March 1855, Sullivan County, MIssouri; b. Unknown.
3. iii. JANE JACKSON, b. 1816, North Carolina; d. Aft. 1880.
4. iv. BRANSON JACKSON, b. Abt. 1818, North Carolina.
5. v. WILLIAM PARM JACKSON, JR., b. 1820, North Carolina.
vi. MARY JACKSON, b. 1823, North Carolina; m. WILLIAM WALTERS, 09 January 1868, SullivanCounty Missouri; b. Unknown.
vii. NANCY JACKSON, b. 1828; d. died young ?.
6. viii. JAMES B. JACKSON, b. 1832, North Carolina.
7. ix. GEORGE M. JACKSON, b. 1835, Missouri
x. ELISA B JACKSON, b. 1837, North Carolina.
xi. ANDREW JACKSON, b. 1839, North Carolina.

Generation No. 2

2. PRISCILLA BELLE 3/W3 JACKSON (WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born 14 November 1812 in possibly Caswell County North Carolina, and died Aft. 1870 in Sullivan County Missouri. She married ANDREW BOZARTH 14 November 1839 in Macon County, Missouri, son of JONATHAN BOZARTH and LUCY ALEXANDER. He was born 04 March 1799 in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky, and died Abt. 1874 in Missouri.

Donna Zurcher has this:
Priscilla Belle Jackson Bozarth, was the third wife of Andrew Bozarth (born 1799, Ky), was a sister to Frances Mildred Jackson, wife of Beverly Alexander Bozarth, Andrew's son. Probably the Priscilla
Jackson who married "Amond Boyer" (Andrew Bozarth) on 14 November 1839, Macon County, Missouri(from Macon County book of Marriages ( 1830 to 1844) and Wills.) See also letters from Andrew in 1858 and 1864 to his son, Urbam in Washington
History of Missouri 1888 Page 90
Governor Gamble, in 1861, arranged with President Lincoln that Missouri would raise 10 Regiments of Militia, to be known as Missouri State Militia, to be kept within the state, but paid and provided for by the
United States Government. !st Regiment, Company "C" was raised in Sullivan County (Captain Andrew Jackson . The second raised in the county was the 2nd Regiment Company "G")
Page 91
Company "E" of 18th Missouri Volunteers was raised in Sullivan County. The 23 Regiment of Infantry was largely raised in Sullivan County and Linn County.

Have a note: Her 1/h was killed by Indians... so maybe the Major Matthew listed in the census could have been her son by a first marriage?

8. i. THURSA ANN "THURSY"4 BOZARTH, b. 1846, near Kirksville, Adair County Missouri.
iii. MARY BOZARTH, b. 1850.

3. JANE3 JACKSON (WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born 1816 in North Carolina, and died Aft. 1880. She married REESE BROYLES August 1846 in Sullivan (Adair) County, Missouri. He was born Abt. 1825 in Pennsylvania (Tennessee).
i. MARGARET4 BROYLES, b. 1847.
ii. WILLIAM BROYLES, b. 1849.

4. BRANSON3 JACKSON (WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1818 in North Carolina.
He married ELIZABETH YARDLEY. She was born Abt. 1820 in Missouri.
History of Missouri 1888 (Midwest Gen Soc) Page 26
Sullivan County........West Locust Creek Settlers
............other old settlers were the following.....Branson Jackson, J. W. Thomas built a small tobacco factory on West Locust Creek, which furnished a home market for the tobacco.....

In 1849 the manufacture of tobacco was carried on in the Elm Woods, north of Milan, by Robert and Daniel Baldridge; Branson and William Jackson and William J. Tolley, with considerable success, until
the imposition of the Internal Revenue Tax rendered the business unprofitable, and now few carry on to alimited extent.

4-98 Page 4 House 24 Family 24 Jackson Twp. Sullivan County, Mo. 23 August 1870 census
Branson 52 N C merchant and farmer wife and children all born in Mo
Elizabeth 47 f James B 12 m
Virginia 20 f John M 11 m
Joseph W 21 m Leona D 6 f
Willia Lynn 17 f Lilia M 3 f
Frances G L 14 f William 3/12 m

Branson still at above address in 1880 Page 20 on census. He was a dry goods merchant and grocer.

9. i. ELIZABETH JAMIMA4 JACKSON, b. 20 April 1844, St. Charles County, Missouri; d. 06 August 1888,Montezuma,Kansas.
ii. MARY M. JACKSON, b. 1846, Missouri; m. ISAAC P. COUCH, 14 April 1870, Sullivan County,Missouri.
iii. JOSEPH W. JACKSON, b. 1848, Missouri; m. CERILDA BOYD, 01 February 1877, Sullivan County,Missouri.
iv. VIRGINIA O. JACKSON, b. 1850.
vi. FRANCIS G. JACKSON, b. 1856.
vii. JAMES B.. JACKSON, b. 1858, Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri.James was a teacher on the 1880 Sullivan County, Missouri census
viii. JOHN M. JACKSON, b. 1859, Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri. John was a teacher on the 1880 census
ix. LEONA DORA JACKSON, b. 1864.
x. LILIA M. JACKSON, b. 1868.

5. WILLIAM PARM3 JACKSON, JR. (WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born 1820 in North Carolina. He married SARAH JANE BALDRIDGE 24 April 1848 in Sullivan County, Missouri. She was born 1823 in Missouri.
Donna Zurcher:
William Parm Jr. Jackson appears to be in Sullivan County, Missouri in 1848 and to have married Sarah Jane Baldridge there. 1850 census of Howard County, Mo. shows him with wife Jane b Tenn ca 1810 and
children; Martha, Mary, S.M., P., Wm., Sina, Jane and Ann. A Wm. Jackson ( a common name) of Adair County, Mo., married an Elizabeth Williams 4 - 30 - 1848 in Macon Co., Mo.,....could be the father of
W.P. Sr. If so , Elizabeth might be step - mother of the older Jackson children in the 1850 census. The Macon Co. marriage of a Wm. Jackson of a different family.

4-98 Page 3 Jackson Twp. Sullivan Co.,P. O. Milan Mo. 23 August 1870 House 20 Family 20
William Jackson 50 N C Virginia L 13 Mo Clara A 2 Mo
Sarah J 47 Mo John B 11 Mo
Edward J 21 Mo Mary A 8 Mo
Claborne J 19 Mo William Mc 7 Mo
Thomas G 18 Mo Laura L 5 Mo
Sarah G 16 Mo Coretta 3 MO

Marriage records of Sullivan County, Missouri has a Sara June Baldridge married a William Jackson on10 February 1848

me 4-98 Page 3 (I think) Jackson Twp. Sullivan Co., Mo August 1870 census for Baldridge
house 25 Family 25
Joseph 31 m All born in Mo Farmer R E $2,000 Personal $1,000
Julia 23 f Clara M 3 f
Addie L 8 f William 3/12 m

Same as above :
Daniel 55 m S C 6,132 1,185
Eliza A 52 Eugene 10
Joseph 21 Missouri 22 f

i. EDWARD J / R..4 JACKSON, b. 1848, Missouri.
10. ii. CLABOURNE CLAY JACKSON, b. 1851, Missouri.
iii. THOMAS G. JACKSON, b. 1852.
iv. SARAH G JACKSON, b. 1854.
v. VIRGINIA L. JACKSON, b. 1857.
vi. JOHN B. JACKSON, b. 1859.
vii. MARY A. JACKSON, b. 1862.
Sullivan County, Missouri Marriages has a Mary A. Jackson married a Joel C. McCreary on 22 August 1881 don't know if that is this Mary A. or not
viii. WILLIAM MC. JACKSON, b. 1863.
ix. LAURA (BELLE) JACKSON, b. 1865.
x. CORETTA, b. 1867.
xi. CLARA A. JACKSON, b. 1868.

6. JAMES B.3 JACKSON (WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born 1832 in North Carolina. He married NANCY ELIZABETH BOZARTH 17 January 1851 in Adair County Missouri, daughter of ANDREW BOZARTH and ALCEY HARGIS. She was born 1830 in Howard County Missouri.
Missouri Adair County Liberty Twp PO Ringo's Point 30 June 1860
Page 109 Line 9 house 855 Family 712
James B Jackson 28
Elizabeth 30 This is Nancy Elizabeth Bozarth, sister of Beverly A. daughter of Andrew Bozarth, daddy's grandfather.
Andrew 8
John 6
Mary 4
Jesse 10/12 male

Have this note, from where?
James B. Jackson, husband of Cynthis Gross and Jonathan Bozarth's daughter, Nancy Elizabeth, was s/o Wm. Parm Jackson and wife Elizabeth H. Other Jackson - Bozarth connections : James B. 's sister,
Priscilla Belle Jackson, married Andrew, son of Jonathan Bozarth and his 1/w Lucy Alexander; Priscilla named one son, Benjamin, perhaps for her brother, (this Benjamin) Bozarth was g. grandfather of Haroldena Plante) Also Priscilla's sister, Frances Mildred married Andrew's son, Beverly Alexander Bozarth.
i. ANDREW4 JACKSON, b. 1852.
ii. JOHN JACKSON, b. 1854.
iii. MARY A JACKSON, b. 1856.
11. iv. JESSE BOONE JACKSON, b. 16 August 1859; d. 09 January 1947.
v. MATILDA JACKSON, b. 1862.
vi. JAMES JACKSON, b. 1864.
vii. WILLIAM JACKSON, b. 1866.
viii. HANNAH JACKSON, b. 1868.
ix. RACHEL JACKSON, b. 1870, 1 mo. old on 1870 census.

7. GEORGE M.3 JACKSON (WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born 1835 in Missouri He married HANNAH E. READY 01 February 1855 in Adair County Missouri, daughter of PERMELIA NEE ?READY. She was born 1842.
Missouri Adair County Liberty Twp PO Ringo's Point 30 June 1860
Page 107 line 34 house 846 Family 703 6 July 1860
George Jackson 25 Mo
Hannah 18 Ill
Pamela Ready

i. PERMELIA4 JACKSON, b. Bat. 1857.
ii. MARGARET JACKSON, b. Bat. 1859.

Generation No. 3

8. THURSA ANN "THURSY"4 BOZARTH (PRISCILLA BELLE 3/W3 JACKSON, WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born 1846 in near Kirksville, Adair County Missouri. She married (1) WILLIAM M. HUTSON 1/H 17 September 1865 in Missouri. She married (2) SYLVESTER POWELL 3/H Aft. 1870 in
Missouri.She married(3) JONATHAN BRAGG 2/H 19 August 1877 in Missouri.
Jonathan had 3 children by his 1/w Margaret Cleaton:
Sarah C. 1863; Amanda 1869; Elf M. 1872

Margaret was the daughter of James Cleaton and Beth "Bayther" Bozarth
James and Margaret were siblings
i. MARY E.5 HUTSON, b. 1867.

ii. SYLVESTER "BURT"5 POWELL, b. 1873.

12. iii. MINNIE T.5 BRAGG, b. 1879, Missouri.

9. ELIZABETH JAMIMA4 JACKSON (BRANSON3, WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born 20 April 1844 in St. Charles County, Missouri, and died 06 August 1888 in Montezuma, Kansas. She married SAMUEL SEELEY VAN WYE 06 November 1865 in Jackson Corners, Sullivan County Missouri. He was born 18 July 1845 in Jennings County Indiana, and died 1920 in Helena Oklahoma.

i. JOAN5 VAN WYE, d. sent me family sheet in 1996.

10. CLABOURNE CLAY4 JACKSON (WILLIAM PARM3, WILLIAM PARHAM SR.2, ISAAC THOMAS1) was born 1851 in Missouri. He married LAVETA G. HURLSTON 27 October 1873 in Sullivan County, Missouri.
Census has Lavetta as Vernetta ( Lavetta on mariage record.

i. LEONARD R.5 JACKSON, b. 1874.
ii. MARION E. JACKSON, b. 1875.
iii. ORA ALICE JACKSON, b. 1879.

1859, and died 09 January 1947.
Child of JESSE JACKSON and ? is:
i. IRA F5 JACKSON, b. 19 June 1887.

Generation No. 4

Minnie lived in Peublo, Colorado. We went up there to see them once. Have her and Tina's picture
Child of MINNIE BRAGG and ZENIA is:
i. TINA6 ZENIA, b. ?

Re: William Parm Jackson

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I live in Missouri and would be interested in contacting the person who has found the graves connected to the Jackson children in Saline County, Missouri. I would like to visit the cemetery and photograph headstones where you found the possible grave of Andrew Bozarth (the last name on the headstone was unreadable).
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