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Shooting of 11 yr old Eli Linthicum witnessed by 10 yr old Basil Linthicum

Shooting of 11 yr old Eli Linthicum witnessed by 10 yr old Basil Linthicum

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Surnames: Linthicum, Linchcome, Sharpe, Wood
On Dec 25, 1763, in Frederick County, Eli Linthicum, age 11, was shot and killed by the 9 yr old Toby, slave of Benjamin Hall jr. The only witness was Basil Linthicum, age 10. The case went before the Frederick county court in Mar 1764. Basil said Toby took the gun away from Eli and shot him as he ran away. Toby said he shot him accidentally. Toby was convicted of the murder of Eli Linthicum and ordered executed. Attendees to the trial were so divided in their opinion that it made it necessary to lay the matter before the Governor. In Apr 1764, then Governor Horatio Sharpe ordered a pardon for Toby.
Joseph Wood presented a bill for an "inquisition on the body of Eli Linchcome, about 11 years old, son of Joseph Linchcome, who was shott by Negro Toby". Can anyone identify this boy Eli and his father Joseph or probable brother Basil? This is the only time that I have found a mention of a Basil Linthicum in Maryland although this one is 10 years older than my 4th gr-grandfather Basile who moved from MD to LA. The above info was gleaned from "This was the Life, Excerpts from the Judgement Records of Frederick Co, Maryland 1748-1765"; and the "Calendar of Maryland State Papers No. 1, The Black Book, 4 March 1764", and "Archives of Maryland XXXII, p91". I haven't found the actual court case "Proprietor (Frederick Calvert) vs. Negro Toby, slave of [Benjamin] Hall" online so don't know if there is more info as to the ID of the children. Thank you for reading and for any assistance you can give me.

Re: Shooting of 11 yr old Eli Linthicum witnessed by 10 yr old Basil Linthicum

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I am posting this for Mr Archer per his request:
Please publish the full name and address and email address with my offer to
help researchers on Lincicome/Linthicome and ARCHER. My interest in the
Lincicomes (and variants) related to ARCHER is far broader than my
immediate Archer line.

(I need a bit of technical help)

My attempts to post this message replying to Lizabeth's posting to the site whose URL is noted above, failed because I
could not update my username and password and hope that his message is
found by LizabethLinscomb.

Ancestry, Inc's new regime for consolidating all of its online resources'
login/passwords to a single pair in a centralized database does not work
for me as I don't use JavaScript for security reasons that is required to
implement the password/user ID consolidation.

Gateing posts from other Ancestry, Inc's resources is good in theory but
inhibits direct one-on-one exchanges because the email addresses are no
longer embedded in the text of the messages allegedly to avoid spammers
harvesting the addresses and to make ID/passwords uniform for all Ancestry

If anyone here would like to use the board's URL above and post this message
for me I'd appreciate it. Lizabeth can email me off list and we can cc: the
gist of the exchanges here.


George W. Archer
This is spectulative based on circumstantial information based on locations
and time frames of residence and on the possibility that the rarity of the
surname makes this kind of speculation a bit more productive in doing field
research. I've been doing Lincicome and Archer research for over 30 years
throughout North America.

I believe the possible parent for Eli and Basil may have been a Joseph
Lincicome who migrated before 1772 from Flavanna Co., VA to Frederick Co.,
MD and then ca. 1773 migrated to Washington (now Greene) Co., PA with my
ancestors Patrick Archer (c. 1717-1798). I can't account for all of
Joseph's children but one was a Nathan Archer whose mother was Jane
(Pellow?), who was widowed after the death of her husband, and she md. 2
James Archer c. 1747-c. 1832 (no children, despite oral history that she
was the mother of James' 8 known children).

Per a Washington Co., PA deed (Deeds Vol 1, pp 427-429, Nathan inherited his
father's estate in Greene Co., PA and on 1 Jun 1789, sold it to James
Archer before they all moved to Ohio Co (now Tyler Co., WV) VA ca. the

Nathan md. 1. Lydia Enochs and 2. Mary Siviers; Nathan d. 26 Feb
1845 in Monroe (now Noble Co., OH) and is buried in the Methodist Church
Cem, in Carlisle, Noble Co., OH.

Information on Joseph Lincicome is very sparce, probably killed in an
Indian raid in Greene Co., PA in the 1780's. I'll be doing more research on
the surname in Frederick Co., VA in June 2012.

Wherever Lincicome's appear in their migrations from the 1770's into the
20th Cent. in many states (WV, KS) in the U.S. there are almost always
Archers living in the same county, hence my interest in tracking
Lincicomes. Intermarriage with Archers occurred but sparingly over the same
time period. This line of Lincicomes is extremely long-lived, living well
into their 90's.

The spelling variations of the surname have complicated doing research.
In fact, the variants spawned two other mail lists with the variant
spellings that were consistently spelled in two parts of Colonial America.
I believe these two mail lists are now defunct: - John Sentell, listowner (2007) -Emma Cronin (?), list administrator (2005)

The surname is Welch and the glottal stop sound when prnouncing the "nc" or
"nth" in the name has spawned phonetic variants when written.

The word origin of the surname deals with running water near a waterfall,
rapids or a convergence of watercourses, and since the Welch are very
musical, the surname may be a verbal word picture that emmulates the sound
of running water itself in Welch. Welch speakers encouraged to comment.

The Mother Lode of the surnme is in Anne Arundel Co., MD in the mid 1600's
where Thomas Linscomb was the first arrival. The family owned a line of
ships sailing between Liverpool, England and Baltimore Md, were quite
wealthy and amassed a great deal of real estate in the county. My attempts
to find a genealogical link between the Joseph Lincicome above and this
line havs not been successful.

For the benefit of those working with records that are not Soundex coded,
here is a list of all known variants (41) of Lincicome/Linthicome (the
usual spellings for the SE Ohio area).

Using Soundex searches should get around most of the variant spellings:


Re: Shooting of 11 yr old Eli Linthicum witnessed by 10 yr old Basil Linthicum

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Surnames: Linthicum, Archer

I thought I would add this to the discussion: As we have discussed off forum, this Joseph is thought by some to have migrated possibly from Anne Arundel Co. Where a Joseph was born in 1727 to Thomas Linthicum III and Sarah Burton (AH Parish records, Badger, Newman). From there we are on our own. Some say he was in VA which I cannot confirm. Your tragic incident in Frederick Co., MD would not be contradictory by date with the appearance of a Joseph Linthicum in Morgan Twp., Washington (later Greene Co.), PA. in 1785 1787 tax records. I was quite proud of this find but Ancestry probably led me there because you had already tagged them as I discovered a bit later.

I know George Archer has worked on this a great deal and I am wondering if I have missed any attempts at finding wills, estate or land records as is thought that Joseph died in Greene County.

If he died in Greene Co., PA I wonder who the guy is that many say died in Montgomery Co., MD?

Re: Shooting of 11 yr old Eli Linthicum witnessed by 10 yr old Basil Linthicum

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I'll add a bit more on a "Bazel Lynescome" I found. "The United States Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Applications" for Richard Hathaway b. Jun 1750 d. 15 May 1838(wife Abigail) in a sworn declaration: "In the Spring of 1776, John Neville sent to my residence one of his soldiers named Paine Knowland informing me, that the term of his soldiers were up making them want to be discharged and some of his men were also sick, and I from the situation of the Garrison and country it was necessary that the number of men should be kept up, requesting me to come to Pittsburg and bring with me a number of men, who would be willing to enlist and remain in service for some time. Accordingly in the month of March 1776, I went to Pittsburgh, taking with me Ephraim Carey, William Morres, Archibald Morris, Bazel Lynscome, Frederick Rice and Abraham Hathaway, all of these men enlisted at the same time, in Andrew Waggeners Company, for six months, and at the end of six months were with myself discharged. Ephraim Carey, however, enlisted with Captain Waggoner and went with him from Pittsburgh to join the army under General Washington."
Notes: At the time service in 1776, Richard Hathaway was a resident of Westmoreland county,(later Washington county) Pennsylvania. Prior to moving to Washington county in 1772, Richard lived in Frederick county, Virginia, within 4-5 miles from Winchester and John Neville was a near neighbor. Neville held the rank of Major and he gathered men from Virginia and went to man the Garrison at Pittsburgh in 1775. There were about 100 men at the Garrison. All 29 pages of Richard Hathaway's documents, family bible, and statements can be viewed on, a paid subscription is required.
Don't know if I'm off in the weeds or if this Bazel Lynscome is the same one or a relative of the one that I seek but it certainly is interesting historical reading and places Bazel in the company of men from PA and VA. Again, it is the given name Bazel that peaked my interest. Remember that on two occasions some Revolutionary War records were damaged or destroyed. Haven't found another mention of Bazel. ;-(
Guess we'll keep digging.

Re: Lynescome & Linsecom in Washington co, PA

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Lynescome, Linsecom, Hathaway, Archer
A book on Ancestry I am currently examining is "Lists of inhabitants in Washington County, Pennsylvania, 1800 or before". I found the Richard Hathaway from my previous post on a 2000 signatures Petition to establish a "New State" from part of Washington county. Also on the petition is Josias Linsecum. A group of Archers too.
There's some hand drawn maps of the counties as it changed through the years too. Might help with the people locations. There's a lot more helpful info than I can put here. liz
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