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Rauhut Familly

Rauhut Familly

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I'm looking for any information on my grandfather Herman Carl Rauhut, he was born in 1914 in Ca. thanks

Rauhuts in California

Phyllis Kuehn (View posts)
Posted: 992507541000
Hi - my sister and I are working on the
Rauhuts in California. We have found 3
branches and we are related to two of them.
Please email me directly at so we can exchange
Phyllis Kuehn


Phyllis Kuehn (View posts)
Posted: 992511822000
Hi - We think that your grandfather Herman Carl
Rauhut may be Carl Herman Rauhut born 22 May
1914 in Oakland. If so, I worked on this family line
in 1989, talked to his former wife Dorothy
Mitchell Straight, then and sent a letter to
Deborah L. Rauhut - maybe that's you? Please email
me at
I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Phyllis Kuehn

Rauhut Family

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This is the Debbie that you wrote to,
please e-mail me so we can exchange info.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Re: Rauhuts in California

Andreas Rauhut (View posts)
Posted: 998249913000
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Surnames: Rauhut, Kuehn
Hi Phyllis,
so I met you here also. When looking for sources to dig, I found this service - and your name.
As you can see, I've integrated Joseph Kuehn and Emilie Rauhut in the tree on my homepage. But the line stopped there, because I have only the information, that Emilie was your great Grandma.
If you and your sister, would like to appear (without personal information, just the name) in the tree, so post me the informations required.

Thanks and bye. It's late enough.

Re: Rauhut

Posted: 1027007937000
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I just now noticed a message from June 14 of 2001! I am so sorry! I had lost my computer for awhile!
Do you think that maybe Herman Carl Rauhut is William Carl Rauhut?? Please keep in touch with me! I would love to know as much as I can! Thank-you!
Wendy Gilman ( maiden name of Oldenburger ) that was my dads last name after being adopted.

Re: Rauhut

Posted: 1030405060000
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I am also Herman Carl Rauhut's (b.22 May 1914, d.22 Dec 1982) grandaughter. I am his grandaughter by his second marriage. I am also looking for information on my family. If you have any information or would like to ask me for information, please feel free to e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you.
Leann Hopkins

Re: Rauhuts in California

Posted: 1106408603000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Rauhut, Jaensch, Berger, Hahnel, Deutshcmann, Klose, Goral
Dear Friends/Extended Family,

I was pleased to see others seeking information on our Rauhut Roots. I am Mike Rauhut, first generation Rauhut from a line that just recently entered the U.S (1960s).

I have traced my Rauhut family roots to the former German Province of Posen (now in Poland). I am interested to see if anyone has found information on Rauhuts from Posen and the following surnames that comprise my direct line:
Rauhut, Jaensch, Berger, Hahnel, Deutshcmann, Klose, Goral.

Looking forward to contributing to our efforts or help in any way.

Thank you,

Re: Rauhuts in California

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Surnames: Rauhut
Hello cousin,

if your anchestors are coming from the region of Zduny, Poland, our families are probably related. Have a look at my homepage or directly go to our family tree to see my farest anchestor: Martin RAUHUT:

You can see me at:

My grand-father's brother Otto RAUHUT immigrated to California about 100 years ago. But he isn't the only one in the States. Phyllis Kühn has made lots of research for our family.

Please tell me wether you have a gedcom where I can compare our families.

I'm really courious to have some news about the RAUHUT family.

with kind regards

Andreas Rauhut
Jasminweg 17
D-34125 Kassel

Re: Rauhuts in California

Phyllis Kuehn (View posts)
Posted: 1106425278000
Classification: Query
Hello Michael!
This is great to hear from you. Was your family originally from Zduny in Posen? if so, we ceretainly may be related. There were many Rauhut family branches in that area of Posen. Many of our relatives also moved to Berlin we think sometime in the 1890s. Where did your move from when they immigrated?
Phyllis Kuehn
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