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Gelderland reseach

Gelderland reseach

Valentine Van Zee (View posts)
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Surnames: van BALLEGOIJEN, van der BERG, BLOM, de BRUIJN, de COCK, de FOCKERT, de JONGH, STERK, van ZANDWIJK, van ZEE

All surnames above from Herwijnen, Gelderland - some as early as 1600. Have at least 3 generations of each listed name.

Planning a trip to the Netherlands in April, 1999 - to enjoy tulips and do a little research. Would like to correspond with anyone who can give me some research tips for families in the area between Gorinchen and Tiel.

Valentine Van Zee (
Atlanta, GA

More Families - mostly Herwijnen

Valentine Van Zee (View posts)
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Surnames: Bergakker, de Bruin, van Brummelen, Dilligant, van Dusseldorp, Goes, vander Heijde, Hoogerwerff, Ketelaar, de Kock, Koek, Kort, Laaijgen, Nieuwkerk, Roosa, Schalk, Sterrenberg, Valkhof, Vermeule, Verploegh, Vlieg, Vos, Vries, de Zeeuw, de Wit
In addition to the names given in my first post(above)the following names also somehow connect to my 2nd great grandparents Cornelis van Zee & Dirke de Kock, both born in Herwijnen, Gelderland in the early 1800s and came to America in 1850. Would be delighted to correspond with anyone interested.

BERGAKKER 1640-1691 Herwijnen /de BRUIN 1745 Dimmelen, NB > 1782-1853 Herwijnen / van BRUMMELEN 1610-1700 Herwijnen / DILLIGANT 1695 Hellouw / van DUSSELDORP 1635-1750 Herwijnen /GOES 1660-1750 Herwijnen / vander HEIJDE 1650 Zeelst, NB > 1677 Meerkerk, ZH / HOOGERWERFF 1635-1750 Herwijnen / KETELAAR 1733 Gorinehem, ZH / de KOCK (KOK,COCK) 1678 Herwijnen > 1850 New Jersey, USA / KOEK 1733 Gorinehem, ZH >
1755 Herwijnen / KORT 1655-1660 Herwijnen / 't LAAIJGEN 1650 Lexmond, ZH / NIEWKERK 1700-1750 Gameren / ROOSA 1610-1735 Herwijnen / SCHALK 1610-1660 Herwijnen / STERRENBERG 1660-1750 Hellouw / VALKHOF 1700 Brakel / VERMEULE 1623 Heukelum, ZH > 1677 Herwijnen / VERPLOEGH 1635-1720 Hellouw & Herwijnen / VLIEG 1665 Heukelum, ZH > 1692 Herwijnen / VOS 1661 Wel > 1680 Herwijnen / VRIES 1650-1723 Lexmond, ZH / van ZEE 1610 Heukelum, ZH > 1693-1870 Herwijnen > 1850 New Jersey, USA / de ZEEUW 1591-1629 Heukelum, ZH / de WIT 1635 Herwijnen

Searching for relatives

Anthony de Wit (View posts)
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Surnames: de Wit, Gysberta
I'm looking for relatives in Holland.
Mainly my Father's parents and brother and sister.
Their names were Nicolaas de Wit born 6/1/1909 and Kentie Gysberta (de Wit) born 3/7/1909.
My Father's brother's name was Nicolaas and his sister was Adrie.
I'm not sure how to go about this search, so if you could offer some advice I would be very appreciative.
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Plse let me know more precise detailed questions about:
BERGAKKER, SCHALCK and VERMEULEN, as I might help you.
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Surnames: de Wit
My husbands name is also de Wit,we are living in the Netherlands,do you know what area in the Netherlands you are looking for the Wit ?

famaly history

John van Zee (View posts)
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Hi Valentine
My name is John van Zee and i met you in West Palmbeach years ago when a van Zee from Washington was looking for van Zee,s ,you and your mother visited my parents in the Netherlands on your way to Spain at one time,maybe i can help you with more info .
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Searching for info on that Vos family that originated in Smilde,Drenthe.

finding van Oijens

Gerald van Oijen (View posts)
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Surnames: van Oijen
Where do you live in the Netherlands?
I am looking for some one close to Dreumel, Tiel, or Oijen.
Thank you.
Jerry Van Oyen

VOS family currently in Gelderland

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Surnames: Vos, Eiting, Eitink, Terharth, D�ink

This August, my wife and I will be spending a couple weeks in the Gelderland area of the Netherlands and in Westphalen area of Germany. We are hoping to make contact with VOS or EITING family members still living in the region that may be related to us.

During the mid 1700's and up until 1822, my EITING (EITINK) ancestors lived in the small village of Barlo, Westphalen, Germany (a few km northeast of Bocholt Germany, and very close to the Netherlands border). My great great grandfather Johann Wilhelm EITING and his first wife, Johanna Anna DÖINK, had a number of children there.

Johanna Anna died in 1822, and Johann Wilhelm moved across the border to Zieuwent Netherland (near the larger town of Lichtenvoorde)and married Theodora (also listed as Derksken or Johanna) VOS (sometimes spelled VOSS??). They had two sons, including my great grandfather, Antone Herman. Most or all of the children from both families emigrated to Boston in 1846, then on to Brown County Wisconsin in 1849.

In looking at catholic church and civil records from the region around Zieuwent, I know that the VOS family has deep roots in that area. I have not been able to trace my specific ancestors there though (except for Theodora VOS).

Just as an aside, we are aware of another EITING family from Bocholt Germany that emigrated to western Ohio and eastern Indiana around 1850. They are likely related to my EITING family, but we are not yet sure just how.

Greetings from Wisconsin, Andy and Mary Wegner, Winneconne

Searching for Towns

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I assume that "LichtenVoorde" is in the Netherlands? Anyways i'm not too sure, but am checking it out. One thing that wooks well too, is to use your search engine and type in the name of the town,This will usually provide info and links to a map to show you where towns are situated, or their history and info.
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