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Gonzalez Book

Gonzalez Book

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I am in the process of finishing a book on the Gonzalez family. I was able to go as far back as the early 1500's with some entries further back than that. I than have traced the Gonzalez family when it first arrived in New Spain (now Mexico) in the early 1600s anyone interested you can contact me at

Juan M. Escobar y Vera

Gonzalez family tree

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Juan M. Escobar:

I have emailed you with more information. Please respond promptly.

Gonzalez family history

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My research goes back to Spain and than into Mexico. I do have some names of other Gonzalez surname people to go to other parts of the world. I will see what I can do for you. Feel free to stay in touch.

Juan M. Escobar


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Thank you for your reply. greatly appreciated.. Yesterday my dad finally let me know that my grandfather (Luis Froilan Gonzalez Jimenez) had 9 other brothers and sisters and they had all lived in Daule, Ecuador. Only one is still alive, Im thinking of taking a vacation over there to find out these names as well as their children's childrens names. I believe its going to be a very long list.

Again thank you for replying and I hope I can find out more.

Thank you,
Mariam - NJ

Gonzalez family

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I hope that you find what you are looking for. It is very interesting, on most ocassion, at least it has been for me, when one finds information relating to things our ancestors did. Such as important roles in the developing of our soceity as we know it today. Most of our people were good and those that were not, only were not because they fought for what they believed was wrong. Criminally there are very FEW bad apples. Good luck and keep me posted. Should you need any help, let me know, maybe I can assist you with direction as to where to go.
I have been doing this for over 30 years.

my roots

tony gonzalez (View posts)
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good for you. 30 yrs of ancestral search.
i am barely beginning. my father comes
from aguascalientes, mexico. his dad
was named castulo gonzalez. he died at
age 42 in 1938....any hints to tracing
my family tree back to europe????

Gonzalez roots

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Aguascalientes has an outstanding library. How far back have you been able to go. It is important to remember that you are not going to find names as you may think so, or as you were told. An example, if I may. I was told that my aunt's father was named Encarnacion Gonzalez. That he had come from Cerralvo or Caderyeta, N.L. I started looking for an Encarncion and no marriage or anything. I looked for him in a US Census and he was listed as Encarncion married to an Alejandra. Again no luck. I looked at another Census 10 years later and he was again listed as Encarnacion, but now Alejandra was listed with her maiden name of Luera. I went to the Cadereyta records and found him. I was indeed Jose Concepcion de la Encarnacion. Sometimes you will find people with more that one given name.

Keep me posted if I can help e-mail me.

Juan M. Escobar


Raquel Caraballo (View posts)
Posted: 969917476000
Hello Juan,

I would like to know if you have any information on my family history my grandparents. They used to hang out with Pancho villa. My grandparents lived in Juarez chichua.
Do you have any info?

Raquel Gonzalez Caraballo

Doroteo Arango akso known as Pancho Villa

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I do not have any information on your grandparents. There is a very big possibility that I can trace themk, but I need more information. How far back can you go with the family. My reasearch, when they come to the New World, starts in Monterrey. From there they moved throughout. However at this time I have nothing on your family.

Should I be of further help please E-mail.


Juan M. Escobar

looking for more info

I. Gonzalez (View posts)
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I know my father was from Harlingen, Texas. I am interested in more info about the gonzalez line and medical background. Hope to hear from you soon.
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