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Samuel R. Lindley

Samuel R. Lindley

Christy (View posts)
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I just resently started searching for my family background. I never believed it would be this stressful...but also very interesting not to mention exciting too. My ggggrandfather's name was Samuel R Lindley. His son (my gggrandfather) was William Peter Lindley. And daughter (my ggrandmother) was katie Lindley. I was told we came from England, left for Ireland, and then in bout 1713 We came to pennsylvannia. I would really love to find out more about them. I would appreciate the help.

Samuel Lindley

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I am a decendent from the same Lindleys. I have a lot of information on them.

Sara Lindley

Christy (View posts)
Posted: 971686090000
Oh Great! You don't know how relieved I am to hear that. I would love as much info as possible. What about William Peter and Samuel's wives names? Do you have them? I'm so interested. Any information would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.
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My file is at home...I will check and send you the information I have on them. Sara

Lindley Family

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They did were immigrants from Ireland, in 1713. James William Lindley II b1681, d1726 and wife Eleanor Parke b 1683 left Ballinaclash, Ireland and came to Chester Co, Pennsylvania in 1713. They were Irish Quakers. The were from England, James William Lindley I was born in 1641 in Chestershire, England. James and Eleanor had a eleven children. If I knew the dates of your ggggrandfather Samuel or place of birth, I could probably tell you from which of James and Eleanor children you come down from. Look forward to any add'l info you have. Sara

James Lindley

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I am a descendent of James and Eleanor Lindley. My Uncle Dan Lindley researched our branch of the family. My mother is Katherine Lindley. We are all from Texas. My gggrandfather was George Washington Lindley. He was born in South Carolina or Georgia and he came to Texas in the 1840's, I think. He married a Nancy Catherine Reed. They had several children. Their son, Dick Lindley was my grandfather. He married Mary Pogue in Wood County, Texas. They had nine children-Grace, Dixie, Charles, Jack, Bill, Dan, Katherine, Polly, and Mack. Only my mother, Catherine and Polly and Mack are still living. This weekend I was in Mineola, in East Texas, and my mother took me to some old grave sites around Hainesville and Pine Mills, Texas. We found the graves of J. W. Lindley and his wife, Affire, and H. Y. Lindley and his wife Fanny. No one knows who they were and if anyone has any idea, please contact me.


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I was wondering if you have a spouse for
William Peter Lindley. I am at brick wall
for my family. My gggrandfather Jacob Silas
Haney married Malisa F. Adair Jan. 3, 1886 in
Lafayette Co. MS. On the same day and same place
a M.L.B Haney married a W.P.M. Lindley. I think
this is your William Peter Lindley. If so, I
was wondering if you had information on M.L.B
Haney? I think she may be a sister to my Jacob
Silas Haney. Also, on the FamilySearch site,
there is Samuel R. Lindley born 1848 in Miss.
His wife is listed as Mahala Adier. Their first
child is listed as W. Peter Lindley b. 1887 in MS
Sometimes Adair is spelled Adier. I do not have birth or
parents for my Malisa Adair or my Jacob Silas
Haney that is why I am trying to find out who the
Haney-Lindley couple is that married the same
day and place as my folks. I know this is a long shot but
any help is appreciated. Coque, Waco, TX


Christy (View posts)
Posted: 984490913000
I'm not really sure if my William is your W.M.P Lindley. But I will try to look into it. One thing I do know..if it is the same person and he did marry a M.L.B. Haney, then she would have had a child named Kathrine? Or Kathleen. They called her "Katie" for short. That was my ggrandmother. But like I said I will look into it and let you know.

Re: Samuel R. Lindley

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Christy, I am 14 yr. old and researching my family's history. All of what you posted is very familiar to me, all except William Peter's father's name.Do you know if William Peter went by William Pete? What was William Peter Lindley's Wife's name? Was she part Indian? Did Katie Lindley marry Ollie Lee Livingston.If so I think we are related somehow.
Please email me when you get this. thanx. Katie

Re: Samuel R. Lindley

Christy (View posts)
Posted: 1020433791000
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Katie- I don't know that much about my family history, but I do know that Ollie Lee Livingston was my great-grandfather. He was born on May 20, 1914 and died sometime in December of 1975. I was born on his birthday, of course he had already passed away. I was also given his middle name. He married my great-grandmother Katie Lindley. There's not that much I know about her and I've only seen a couple pictures of her. I'm not sure if William Peter married an indian, I believe he did. My dad use to talk about one of his "grandmothers" being full-blooded indian. He use to say that she was so dark her lips were coal black. I assume, maybe it was William's wife. That's all I really know. I can't wait to hear from you.
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