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Glebowice/Nidek area

Glebowice/Nidek area

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Surnames: Olejarz, Piotrowski, Pietrowski, Ptaszak, Kleczak, Pazdzior
Searching for relatives/family tree
My grandfather was Franciszek OLEJARZ, born in Glebowice February 18, 1881. His parents were Jacob OLEJARZ and Katarzyna KLECZAK. His wife was Anna PIOTROWSKI, parents unknown (possible orphan taken in and raised by a family other than her own); Anna also has the name PTASZAK in some records. Anna had a brother named Josef PIOTROWSKI.The family also spelled this name as PIETROWSKI.

Franciszek (Frank) and Anna had a son, Joseph, born on September 25, 1906, in Poland (then Austria). Frank, Anna, and Joseph came to America (landed in New York) in 1907 from Hamburg. Josef PIOTROWSKI also came to America, and he may have come at the same time as the Olejarz family. The Olejarz family and some Piotrowskis settled in Detroit, Michigan. My dad, Edward OLEJARZ was born in Detroit in 1915. There also may have been family in Chicago and Cleveland.

Frank OLEJARZ, Anna PIOTROWSKA OLEJARZ, And Jozef PIOTROWSKI each had an interest in some property, which I believe was in Nidek. They all died, and my Dad signed-off his interest in this property before he too died. I believe a cousin or aunt named Maria PAZDZIOR occupied the property (a farm?) as of the early 1970s. (I have no interest in this property, and only mention it as information which may lead to finding family members.)

I am seeking relatives and/or any information. Can anyone tell me what civil or church archives would be appropriate to contact for birth, marriage etc. records?
Thank you,

Re: Piotrowski

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Surnames: Piotrowski, Poltorak, Sniegowski, Graykowski
There are some church and newspaper articles that can be seen at "" website. Use the databases section.

As for the Piotrowski side of the line, my grandmother was Gertrude Piotrowski Graykowski. She was the daughter a Tomasz Piotrowski and MaryAnne Sniegowski. Tomasz' parents were John Piotrowski and Theophila Poltorak. Tomasz was born on 12/19/1860 and died on 12/10/1939 in Chicago, IL. I have lots of names on the Piotrowski and a few dates.

I will heading out to Holy Cross Cemetery in Calumet City, IL...that is where many of the family members have been buried.

Let me know if any of this helped.

Best wishes,

Re: Piotrowski

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Surnames: piotrowski, olejarz, wegrzyn, szymanska, pazdzior
I thank you for the information you provided.
I still have no idea where my grandmother, Anna Piotrowski, fits in to any Piotrowski line.
Do you know from where in Poland Tomasz or John Piotrowski came?
I think I vaguely remember a family member named Thomas being mentioned as living in a US city other than Detroit, but I do not remember if he was an Olejarz or a Piotrowski.
I have now found a ship's manifest that indicates that My Grandmother, Anna Piotrowski Olejarz, and son, Joseph, came to USA from Nidek, Austria Poland in 1910. I expected to find her brother, Jozef Piotrowski,and other Piotrowskis, on the same manifest, with a town origin, but did not. Apparently, husband, Franciszek Olejarz, came to USA in 1907, without his wife and child. I have been looking for husband's manifest, thinking Jozef Piotrowski would be on the same manifest, with other Piotrowskis and a geographic location. I have not been successful. There are billions of Josef Piotrowskis on various ship manifests, and I have not finished checking them all for a Nidek or nearby connection.Anyway, all the new info I have is that Anna Piotrowski, Jozef Piotrowski, and Franciszek Olejarz had part ownership in a farm in Nidek, which was near Glebowice. (Other names are also listed in ownership of the farm--too many to list, but the names Wegrzynow, Szymanska, and Pazdziorowa are listed in lines that include Piotrowski in forms that end in "a" or "kich") Nidek and Glebowice are between Krakow and Oswiecim (Auschwitz), North of Andrychow. Wadowice, Liedice (sp?), and Kielce are roughly nearby, in different directions, and are place names I remember seeing somewhere on family papers long ago. Do any of these town or woj names connct to your Piotrowski line? Do any of these other surnames mentioned re: the Nidek farm match anywhere?
If I ever find info that I think is a link to your line, I will let you know.
I apologize for taking so long to reply--I was researching and thought I might come up with some solid info to pass along!
Regards, Annette
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Thanks for the info. I will keep it on file, and see if I can connect to it some way. If I see anything along the way that you can use, I'll let you know.
Now I will check out Family Hisory Center, to see if there are any parish records to cover the towns I have been babbling about, and see if I can find any Piotrowski records. If not, I will try to determine what parish in Poland etc.
I know what you mean about trying to find time for genealogy!
It would be neat if my Gray were Graykowski, but it isn't!
My husband's name is Scottish.

Re: Tomasz Piotrowski

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Surnames: Piotrowski, Grajkowski, Sniegowski, Ostrowski, Migas, Peters, Mikalajczak

I haven't put all of the Piotrowski data that I have on my family tree on yet. When I get about four free hours together I will do such. According to my sister, Tomasz(Thomas) Piotrowski was born in Poznan/Posen, Poland. He and MaryAnne Sniegowski emigrated to the U.S. (not sure if they married in Poland or over here). I do believe that all of their children were born here...need to research that and find out. Meanwhile here are my grandma's siblings and their spouses:

Anothony Piotrowski (never married...may have died as a child or in World War I...I have seen several references to an Anthoni Piotrowski in some WWI veteran databases...but haven't been able to confirm just yet).

AGNES PIOTROWSKI (married to a FRANK MIGAS on 2/9/1909). I do believe that FRANK MIGAS was the mayor of East Chicago, IN.

FRANCES PIOTROWSKI (married to a FRANK OSTROWSKI on 9/15/1903). Their daughter LAURA OSTROWSKI married a THEODORE PETERS (whose real name was PIOTROWSKI ...a descendent of a LAWRENCE PIOTROWSKI born in 1650 I do believe).


LEO PIOTROWSKI (married to AGNES MIGAS...sister of FRANK MIGAS??? on 4/21/1913).

GERTRUDE PIOTROWSKI (married to WILLIAM C GRAYKOWSKI/GRAJKOWSKI). These are my grandparents...both died before I was born.

I do have a couple of birth dates and dates of death...hope to find the rest when I do get a chance to go to the cemetery.

I do have a rather complete family tree for all of the above to next couple of generations. I hope this helps you...

I did notice that your e-mail address had the name of GRAY...any chance that was shortened from GRAYKOWSKI? That would be kind of neat!!!

Best wishes!!!

Re: Piotrowski

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Surnames: Piotrowski, Sniegowski, Poltorak, Ciesielski, Ciezka
Hi Annette, sorry it has been so long since I sent any scoop. It turns out that my Piotrowski side was rooted in Gneizno, Poland. Both Tomas Piotrowski (b 12/19/1860) and his wife MaryAnne Sniegowski (b 3/21/1862) came from there...and I believe their parents were born there as well (per death certificates).

Tomas was the son of John/Jan Piotrowski and Theophila Poltorak.

MaryAnne was the daughter of Joseph/Jozef Sneigowski and Catherine Ciezka/Ciesielski.

Gniezno is east of Poznan/Posen.

Hope that helps!!!

Re: Piotrowski

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Surnames: Piotrowski, Parcheta, Grabiak, Glowka, Drzewicki, Fabiszewski, Jesiolowski, Tomczak, Winiarski, Zwolak
Would like to know if this rings a bell.....
Ludwik Piotrowski (1867-1929) was a son of Piotr or Paul? Piotrowski, born in Poznań Province, Poland. Ludwik immigrated to the United States and settled in Philadelphia, where he married Marianna Grabiak in 1891. they had a daughter named Agnes Piotrowski in 1895, along with Josephine, Frank and Frances. His sister Anna, born in Poznań Province, Poland had immigrated earlier, married John Głowka, and moved to settle in Buffalo, New York. Later some nephews and nieces of Ludwik and Anna immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland. Descendants and relatives lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida and elsewhere.
Includes surnames: Drzewicki, Fabiszewski, Glowka, Jesiolowski, Parcheta, Tomczak, Winiarski, Zwolak and related families.

Re: Piotrowski

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Surnames: Jankowski, Piotrowski
I am a Piotrowski from MIlwaukeein Wisconsin . I am looking into our family history . The names I have in Illinios are Edward and Estelle ( PIOTROWSKI ) Jankowski . Jean Piotrowski and etc . Are any of these names sounding familiar to you ? Thank you for your time . Please feel free to email back .

Re: Piotrowski

Melissa Amici-Lieb (View posts)
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Surnames: Piotrowski, Austin, Koziela, Zaleski, Lytka
I do have Piotrowski's in Ill and Wisconsin, but that branch unfortunatley does not have too much info, due to not being able to find those relatives. I do have a Jeannette Piotrowski who married a man with the last name Austin. This is all I have on that side: Hope we are related and this side of the family can finally be finished.

Piotrowski Family tree
By Mrs. Delores Piotrowski Zaleski
Unknown Piotrowski
+ unknown wife
2I. Casper Piotrowski b.? Village of Pawlowice City Zerkow Province Poznan, Poland d.?
+.Maryanna Koziela b. Village:Strzygi, County:Rypin, Province:Plock, Poland d.6-13-1940
3I. Sophia Piotrowski
+. unknown Siwak
3II. Joseph Piotrowski b. 2/24/1870 d. 6/13/1940 m. 1-22-1890
+. Helen Lytka b. 7/23/1869 Strzygi, Poland d. 10/18/1928
4I. Vincent Piotrowski b. 1/27/1891 d.6/2/1903 Buried at Holy Redeemer's Cemetary, Phila, Pa.
4II. John Piotrowski (Brother Dominic) b. 6/24/1893 Moved to Ill. then later to Elizabeth, NJ d. 2/5/1948 Oshkosh, Wi.
4III. Joseph F. Piotrowski b. 1/27/1896 d. 12/26/1974 Clementon, NJ buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetary, Berlin NJ
4IV. Stanley Piotrowski b.11/21/1898 d. 7/27/1984 Philadelphia, Pa.
4V. Casmir Vincent Piotrowski b. 3/11/1901 Moved to Moline, Ill. d. 12/1/1985
+. unknown wife
5I. Victor Piotrowski
5II. Jeannette Piotrowski
+. unknown Austin
5III. Betty Piotrowski
4VI. Walter Piotrowski b. 6/12/1903 moved to Stanley, Wi.
4VII. Frank Piotrowski b. 12/1/1905 m. ? d.? moved to Stanley, Wi.
4VIII. Casper Piotrowski b. 7/6/1908 moved to Oteen, NC D.?

Re: Piotrowski

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Surnames: Piotrowski
Dear,Melissa,I am the daughter of Casper Piotrowski.I was looking something up and saw your post . We only have a small part of our geneology ,so it is wonderful to see all that you have ! good luck on your search!ncs
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