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Parrish, Baltimore, MD

Parrish, Baltimore, MD

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I am looking for info on my family from Woodlawn (Baltimore), MD My GGF name was William A Parrish- he married Otelia B Parrish. He was previously married to Nettie Ritter Parrish. They were from the Woodlawn area in Baltimore. My GF- Clarence James Parrish was born in Sept 1905. He had several siblings (Fred, Edith and Ruth). Any info that I can get would be greatly appreciated. I have no contact with that side of my family, so I am limited to the information that my mom can remember. Thanks.

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Parrish/Parish board subscriber, not related.

Woodlawn/Baltimore Maryland = Baltimore County

Clarence Parrish 23 Sep 1905 - Jan 1970 last resided 21654 Oxford, Talbot, MD SS issued MD

Name: William Alfred Parrish
City: Not Stated
County: Baltimore
State: Maryland
Birth Date: 20 Oct 1882
Race: White
Roll: 1684199
DraftBoard: 2
Source Information: World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005. Original data: United States, Selective Service System. World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration.

Name: William Alfred Parrish, serial # U70
Birth Date: 20 Oct 1883 age 58
RESIDENCE: Thayer Terrace, Woodlawn, Baltimore, Maryland
Birth: Baltimore, Maryland
Roll: WW2_2243417
Otelia Parrish, Thayer Terrace would always know his address
Employed at Forest Park Ave, Baltimore with H. Nesbitt
Men born on or after April 28, 1877 and before Feb 16, 1897
Source Information: U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: United States, Selective Service System. Selective Service Registration Cards, World War II: Fourth Registration. National Archives and Records Administration Branch locations: National Archives and Records Administration Region Branches.

1930; Census Place: Hillsdale, Baltimore, Baltimore (Independent City), Maryland; Roll: 871; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 451; Image: 334.0. - 2503 Hillsworth Road
William A Parrish 47 MD was 21 when he first married father/mother MD general laborer rented
Otelia B Parrish 39 born Virginia, father/mother Virginia, was 29 when she married
Ruth Nettie/Nettie Ruth Parrish 21 occupation meat packer
Margaret M Parrish 7 dtr of Otelia
Fern V Parrish 2 dtr of Otelia

1920;Census Place: Baltimore Ward 28, Baltimore (Independent City), Maryland; Roll: T625_667; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 466; Image: 1053.
William G Parrish 37 1883 MD, widower
Frederick Parrish 16
Clarence A Parrish 15
Edith G Parrish 12
Nettie R Parrish 10

1920;Census Place: Baltimore Ward 28, Baltimore (Independent City), Maryland; Roll: T625_667; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 466; Image: 1054
Herman A Meyer 58 born Germany
Ann R Meyer 58 born MD
Crystal ? G Meyer 20 dtr . . does not say Crystal
Odelie Maphis 25 - Otelia born VA 1895 boarder father/mother VA
Ladsie Maphis 22 - female born VA 1898 boarder

Mistranscribed surname -
14 May 1910; Census Place: Election District 1, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: T624_550; Page: 20B; Enumeration District: 3; Image: 1023.
William A Carrin 28 1882 MD, father/mother MD married 7 yrs
Nettie M RITTER Carrin 22 MD, father/mother MD bore 4 children
Frederick E Carrin 6
Clarence A Carrin 4
Edith G Carrin 3
Nettie R Carrin 1

1910; Census Place: Manassas, Prince William, Virginia; Roll: T624_1643; Page: 20A; Enumeration District: 98; Image: 203.
Lindon P Maphis 52 VA VA VA
Mary S F Maphis 48 VA VA VA
Otelia Maphis 19 VA
William H Maphis 17 VA
Ladsie Maphis 13 VA

1900; Census Place: Election District 1 Pct 3, Baltimore City (Independent City), Maryland; Roll: T623_606 Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 21.
Fred Parrish March 1850 Maryland married 1875 father/mother MD
Margarett Parrish Aug 1845 Maryland bore 6 children, 6 living, father/mother MD
Josephine Parrish Oct 1877
Amelia Parrish June 1880
Wm A Parrish Oct 1882
Elmer Ellsworth Parrish 29 June 1885 - WW I Draft registration Baltimore Co, when he was 18 married Ada E born abt 1887
Joseph E Parrish Dec 1887

1930, Baltimore District 451, Baltimore, MD
Dwelling # 16, 2515 Hillsworth Road
Mary F Walters age 32 widow born MD
Cleo Walters age 11 months born MD son
Fred Parrish age listed 28 born MD, boarder, married at age 23
Dwelling # 17, 2505 Hillsworth Road
Maggie M PARRISH Haney age 54 widow born MD 1876 was 18 when she married
Louis F Parrish age 80 widowed father born MD 1850 was 25 when he married
Dwelling # 18, 2503 Hillsworth Road
William A Parrish family
Dwelling # 21, 2510 Hillsworth Road
Elmer E Parrish 44
Ada E Parrish 43

1900, Election District 1, Pct 3, Baltimore
Wm Haney July 1866 NJ previously married in 1886, stated 2nd marriage in 1910 census
Maggie M PARRISH Haney Jan 1876 MD married in 1894, stated to be mother of 4 children, only 11 years older than the first one. Stated mother of one child in 1910, dtr Maggie M born Sept 1895
Wm Henry Haney Jr 10 June 1887/1888 born in Randallstown, MD
Frank Vincent Haney 23 Feb 1890
Chas Arthur Haney 06 Apr 1892/1893
Maggie M Haney Sept 1895
1910 - dwelling next to the Haney's
Louis F Parrish 64 married 35 yrs
Margarete Parrish 58
Elmer E Parrish 24

1880, Windsor Heights, Baltimore, MD
Fredrick Parrish 1850 MD MD MD works in Woolen Mill
Margret Parrish 1857 MD MD MD wife
M...[Margaret/Maggie] Parrish 1876 MD dtr
Josephine Parrish 1878 MD dtr
Bertha Parrish 1879 MD dtr

1900; Census Place: Election District 3 Pct 2, Baltimore City (Independent City), Maryland; Roll: T623_606 Page: 18A; Enumeration District: 26.
Joseph E Ritter May 1852 Maryland married 1872 father/mother MD
Mary A Ritter Feb 1853 Maryland bore 6 or 5 children, 4 living
Earnest/Ernest Harvey Ritter 31 Dec 1881 - WW I Draft registration, Baltimore, Baltimore, Independent City, MD
Nettie M Ritter June 1888

1900; Census Place: Manassas, Prince William, Virginia; Roll: T623_1724 Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 81
Linden Maphis 42 April 1858 VA married 1881 or 1884
Mary F Maphis 40 Feb 1860 VA 6 children
George T Maphis 17 Nov 1882 - George Turner Maphis born 14 Nov 1879 registered WW I Draft Jackson Co FL
Vobannto ? Maphis 14 dtr July 1885
Ulah Maphis 12 dtr Nov 1887
Otilio Maphis 8 dtr Dec 1891
Willis Maphis 6 son Jan 1894 - William Henry Maphis born 21 Jan 1893 VA registered Prince William Co
Bladzie Maphis 3 listed as son Feb 1897

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Surnames: Parrish
I knew a Parrish family in Stoneleigh, below Towson, MD. My mother would remember their info if you're interested. Husband William, wife Kileen? sons and daughters, incl Wm, Jr, maybe Colleen and Maureen.

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csteinitz1- I would appreciate the information that you have. Please email me your email address so that we can exchange info- I am at Thank you so much!!

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pdsain- thank you so much for the info you shared with me- it was great. You gave me a great place to start.

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Thank you. Yes, I am interested in all matters "Parriah".

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Surnames: Parrish
re: Parrish of Stoneleigh:

William & Kileen are both deceased. He studied at Hopkins and was possibly an engineer who had something to do with underwater communication. They had 5 boys, the oldest, William, Jr. about my age (58)

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Otelia's middle name was Bowen. Born 23 Jun 1890, died 21 Dec 1971, married William Parrish 11 Nov 1921. Daughters Mary Margaret and Fern Virginia. Otelia was the 4th child of Linden Porter Maphis and Mary Sidney Francis Lockhart "Mollie".

Linden's parents were George Maphis and Ann or Anna Elizabeth Cline. He was the 6th of 7 children.

Mary Sidney Frances Lockhart's parents were General Robert Volney Lockhart and Mary Ellen Victoria Hall. She was the 10th of 11 children. There is quite a bit of information on General Lockhart, including an account of how he was killed.
Mary Ellen married Henry Jefferson Brill after General Lockhart's death. Her parents were Colonel James B. Hall and Margaret Rosenberger.

General Lockhart was the 3rd child and eldest son of Brigadier General Josiah Lockhart and his first wife, Nancy O'Dell. (I am related to you through Josiah Lockhart, but through his second wife, Elizabeth Caroline Triplett. We are rather distant cousins!) Josiah and Nancy had 12 children and Josiah and Elizabeth had 9 children. However, all of Josiah's children with Elizabeth were born before they were married, and while he was still married to Nancy.

but we have the same relationship to Major Robert Volney Lockhart and Margery Denny, the parents of Josiah Lockhart, their eldest son, and the 2nd of 5 children.

Margery was married before Major Lockhart to James Wilson and had 4 children with him. After his death she married Major Lockhart. I have yet to confirm but believe that he was also previously married and had at least 2 children, Robert and Margaret. I also believe, but have yet to solidly confirm that he had at least 2 brothers, Samuel and Josiah. We know that he lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and it seems possible that he came from Northern Ireland and his first wife's maiden name may have been Lyons.

There is a book of Denny genealogy that you may find very useful.

Margery Denny was the daughter of David and Margaret Denny. David was the son of William Denny and he was the son of Frederick Denny, who is also believed to have come from Northern Ireland. Margery is the daughter of Walter Denny and Margery. Walter was also the son of Frederick Denny.

My mother, Linda Wilson, is a great source for further information on these families as she has quite a bit if you are interested in this side of your family. her email is or you can email me at

Do you have any further information on the descendants of William Parrish?

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Hi cousin ! ginakeitz (@) AOL (.) Com

William Alfred Parrish, son of Louis Franklin Parrish & Margaret Flynn Berlin's
Louis, son of Edward Parrish & Margaret Ann Johnson. I descend from Louis's brother John Henry as well as their sister Sarah Elizabeth

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My grandmother was Otelia Parrish Shaffer born in Va. I came across this while looking for my grandmothers sister's info. William was of course my GF. My mom (Fern) and Aunt Margaret (KIT) were Wm and Otelia's only children. My mom (Fern Virginia(Vernon) and my Aunt Kit ( Frank (Skip) Crawford)died back in 2010 & 2012 in PA. I remember Uncle Fred, Uncle Clarence ( Hilda & then Gertie), Aunt Ruth(William Called Winnie)- was a fireman in Catonsville MD and died right before xmas in a house fire trying to save a little girl) and Aunt Edit (John) well. I would spend many a week out at Uncle Clarences Farm. His 2nd wife was Aunt Gertie. His first was Aunt Hilda. I would spend a lot of time with Aunt Ruth too.Uncle Winnie died when I was 5yrs old.They had 1 child - still born. I remember Nettie being mentioned several times but knew nothing of her. My GF Wm. died well before I was born(1949).My GM had about 13 stokes from age 59 until she passed in Pa. My mom and Aunt Kit would take 6 mos at a time taking care of her until they had to put her in a nursing home.Yes they did live in Woodlawn. Otelia is buried in Woodlawn Cem. I believe the kids are too. The last time I was their it was not being maintained and I had to really hunt for the markers as they were covered with weeds due to no maintenance funding.Up until the mid 90's we held family reunions in Romacoke on the Eastern Shore at Betty and Andy's house on the water. We then began to lose many of the older fam. members and the younger ones did not want to carry it on.There are a bunch of us kids but have not kept in touch since the reunions stopped. I hope this helps you. I know many years ago Aunt Kit did a family quest and got so much info on the family. She and Uncle Skip went to and contacted the Mormon Temple out in I believe in Utah. She recovered tons of info.
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