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Peter Dick d. 1790

Peter Dick d. 1790

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Surnames: Dick, linton
My ancestor Peter Dick (1722-1790) died in Frederick Co. Virginia. I descend from his second wife Mary Elizabeth Linton. I have very little information about this Peter and I hope someone can help me file in some background details.
Thank you. John A. Dick, email me at

Gilbreath's Books

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Surnames: Dick
At our public library here in Fairfax, VA, they have the books compiled by Amelia C. Gilbreath, covers the early land deeds for Frederick Co. VA. They might hold some information about your Dick family.

Years ago someone else wrote me about the Dick family. I do remember wills file in that name in Frederick Co. VA.

I do not know if said author is still selling her books or not.

Amelia C. Gilbreath
14200 Vint Hill Road
Nokesville, VA 22123

I have compiled later Frederick Co. VA records dealing with birth, death & marriages, but these would be of a later time period. E-mail if interested.

Good Luck
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Surnames: Dick
If your problem was my problem-- I would start with getting a marriage record for your Veda Dick & Urcle Basore.

With luck the document will give you her birth location & or parents' names. If she was born in Frederick Co. VA, then I might be able to help you, but if she is from WV I do not have those records at hand. I live in Fairfax, VA.

I do not see a marriage between a Dick & Omps filed in Frederick Co. VA 1853-1880. But they could have been married after 1880.

In Dr. Kerns' book "Settlement of Some First Families in Back Creek Valley" page 560. Starts his little piece on Peter Sr. "The surname Dick is perhaps the most difficult genealogical subject to research in Old Frederick County."

So I would say you must work back in time very carefully, perhaps you are a descendant of Peter Dick Sr. of Chester Co. PA/Frederick Co. VA, or perhaps where were other Dick Family living in Frederick Co. VA.

Good Luck.

Dick Family

Robert Heinz (View posts)
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Surnames: Basore
I am trying to connect with my Dick family line. My Grandmother was Veda Dick{1904-1981), married Urcle Basore(1900-1987) They lived in Kearneysville,WV. I have found several possible leads in Morgan and Berkeley CO. Also possibilities in Frederick CO.
Veda Dick's mother's maiden name was Omps/Oomps/Umps. I have no first name.
I have scanty information. Any help would be greatly appreciated,Rob

Veda Dick

Rob Heinz (View posts)
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Surnames: Dick
Hi Mr. Grossman;
Thank you for your reply. This is my Grandmother. Her name is Veda Wilda Dick Basore. Any records you could share with me would be greatly appreciated. The records I had found thus far have her being born in Davis WV. My Mother told me that she was born in Morgan County which used to be Frederick County VA. Grandmother died 28 Feb. 1981, in Martinsburg WV.
I have since posting this in July managed to find most of my relatives on the Dick side. Some living that I didn't even know I had. However, not too much on my Grandmother's Mother Nora Omps Batt. I am willing to share what I have.
Again, thank you for your response.

Rob Heinz
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Surnames: Dick
I wonder if the following is a connection for your Dick family line. I see a birth record in Morgan County for Vidavilda Dick, born on 1 May 1904, Cacapon District. The parents are A. C. and Nora Dick. Your Veda sounds like it could be short for this Vidavilda and the birth year matches. This is from the records compiled by William O. Turner. I can check my other references on Dick families if you think this is a match.
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Surnames: Dick, Omps
Rob Heinz,

I see some records that seem to apply. Veda Wilda Dick (extracted as Vidavilda by William O. Turner) was born 1 May 1904 in the Cacapon District of Morgan County. She was the daughter of A. C. & Nora Dick. The same source has the birth for Clinton Dick in the Timber Ridge District of Morgan County, West Virginia, occuring on 15 December 1876, the son of John & Mary F. Dick.

It seems your mother was correct, Veda was born in Morgan County, West Virginia. Morgan County has been West Virginia since 1863. From 1820 to 1863, the area was Morgan County, Virginia. Morgan County was formed from Hampshire and (mostly) Berkeley Counties, Virginia in 1820. It was only prior to 1772 that the Berkeley County (todays Morgan County) area was Frederick County, Virginia. Hampshire County came from Frederick County in 1753.

Anise Clinton (A. C.) Dick was the son of John and Mary Frances (Hottle) Dick. John Dick was, in turn, the son of Elijah and Mary Margaret (Widmyer) Dick. Does that agree with your information?

John Dick (age 26) married Mary Frances Hottle (age 22) on 8 November 1871. Both were born in Frederick County. His parents are given as Elijah & Margaret Dick. Her parents are given as John H. & Rebecca Jane Hottle. This is from Marriage Register No. 2 in Frederick County.

I also see a birth record from nearby Frederick County, Virginia for R. Dick. This child was born 14 August 1913 at Collinsville. The record gives his parents as A. C. Dick & Nora Omps.

There is a marriage record in Berkeley County for Holmes B. Dick (24) to Eliza S. Donaldson (26) which took place in Berkeley County on 24 December 1934. His parents are given as A. C. and Nora.

There is a marriage record in Berkeley County for Burley A. Dick (26) to Isabel Kidwiler (22) which took place in Berkeley County on 12 April 1936. His parents are given as Clinton & Nora.

Perhaps you know, several of the family members, including A. C. and Nora Lee are buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Morgan County.

Omps : place and family origin

Jerome RIVALIN (View posts)
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Surnames: omps
Good morning/evening to everyone

I'm new on this grouplist. I'm a french genealogist. You may be aware of
French people' reluctance to foreign languages. My brain does not fail to
tradition and I want to apologize all my readers on the syntax errors that
will polluate my mails... :-))

As a matter of fact, I come from a small village (very small, it never
exceeded 400 inhabitants) in the middle of France. Noone did ever discovered
the origine of this name, neither through latin origins, nor through local

No people (except in the middle age (1000-1300) did ever had this name.

It comes to concern some of you when I tell you this name is OMPS.

I found some information that a place does (did ?) also have this name in
Morgan County, and some people have this name too. I would really enjoy
receiving some information on the origin of this place, or origin of the
family that brought this name in the "New World".

Please be ensured that if I can do anything for you in exchange in France,
and even in Europe I would do it gracefully.

Thank you in advance. Have a good time searching...


Omps, France....

Tamson Omps (View posts)
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Surnames: Omps
In looking through the origins of my name, I've found that it came to Virginia in the 1800's by way of Bennedict Omps. He was a German imigrant who made his way into Northwestern Virginia, and his family name stretched into parts of Berkley and Morgan Counties of West Virginia. Were a small family, all mostly located in Frederick, Virginia and Berkly and Morgan Counties in West Virginia today. If you would like more information feel free to contact me via e-mail.bbb


Ed Kidwell (View posts)
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Surnames: Omps
Frederick County,Va. My great uncle was Earl Omps He lived in Winchester,VA.for many many years. I don't have an exact date on him but he was born around 1890-1900 and died in the 1970's.All his people moved to Luray ,VA many years ago.I know my cousin Lloyd Lee Omps lived there before he went into the Army.He is about 54 now.He may be able to help you.I don't have any info on him but maybe he'll read this post. I will post on other sites if it will help out.I'd like to find out what happened to him anyway. There was Earl's son Melvin,but he's gone now.Any records on Omps would be in Winchester or Luray,VA Hope this helps a little.
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