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Need help finding Danish immigrants

Need help finding Danish immigrants

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I need help finding where my family arrived in America and what ship they may have been on.
Christian Jensen Aalborg (born 1833) arrived in the U.S. around 1865 with his wife Sophia Marie and two sons Abraham and Charles. Their third son, Aaron, was born in Racine, Wisconsin about 1870. I learned this from Aaron's obituary. It also said they stayed in Wisconsin until about 1875 when they left for Turner County, South Dakota. I have been unable to find any records of them in Wisconsin or anywhere else besides South Dakota. I found a passport record for their son Nathan. It says that his father, Christian, was born in Denmark and that he emigrated to the U.S. from the port of Aalborg about 1866. This is about all I've been able to find on their arrival. I think that Jensen was their original surname. I believe they took the surname, Aalborg, when they arrived in South Dakota. They did this I think because their was another Christian Jensen living in the same town when they came to South Dakota. I can't prove this yet,but, I've been told by family that Aalborg was not the original name. Hope someone can help.


Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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Aalberg/Aalborg family in South Dakota forum, Genforum

Christian Jensen Aalborg b Aug., 1833, Denmark, d 1911 Viborg, Turner, South Dakota, USA
Sophie Marie Jensdatter Holgersen b. Mar., 1843, Denmark, d 1904 in Viborg, Turner, SD

1845 Census
Aalborg, Kær, Horsens, Vodskov distr. Vesterhinnerup, et hus, 108, FT-1845, A0350
Jens Holgersen 29 gift Husmand lever af sin jordlod. born in Sindal sogn, Hjørring amt.
Karen Marie Poulsdatter 30 gift hans kone born Ugilt sogn, Hjørring amt.
Caroline Jensdatter 5 ugift deres barn Hellevad sogn, Hjørring amt.
Sophie Jensdatter 2 unmarried, their child, born in Hellevad sogn, Hjørring amt. <----------------------
Martine Iversdatter 59 enke Aftægtskone. b Sulsted sogn, Aalborg amt.

In 1850, Sophie and family family lived in Jetsmark, Hvetbo, Hjørring, Denmark.

Do not see Christian Jensen Aalborg in Aalborg amt or Hjørring amt, Denmark.

Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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Tried and again and still didn't find the immigration.

Turner, Dakota Territory
Chris G. Alborg 47 b abt 1833 Denmark
Sophia Alborg 37 b abt 1843 Denmark
Abraham Alborg 20 b abt 1860 Denmark
Charles Alborg 19 b abt 1861 Denmark
Aaron Alborg 9 b abt 1871 Wisconsin
Joseph Alborg 5 b abt 1875 Dakota Territory
Nathan Alborg 2 b abt 1878 Dakota Territory

Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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Look at Aalborg Vor Frue -
Abraham Valdemar Jensen b. June 17 1860 mother unmarried Sophie Marie Jensen alleged father Christian Jensen.
Marriage of Christian Jensen and Sophie Marie Jensen on Mar 6 1861 One of the witnesses was Jens Holgersen
Birth of Carl August Jensen July 23 1861 - parents Christian Jensen and Sophie Marie Jensen

Carl August's BD matches:
Name: Charles Jensen Aalborg
Birth Date: 23 Jul 1861
Age at Death: 78
Death Date: 5 Jul 1940
Burial Place: Viborg, Turner County, South Dakota, USA

And you'll find that family (Christian, Sophie, Abraham and Carl) on the Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935
Name: Abraham Jensen
Gender: Male
Age: 3 (should be 5)
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1863
Date of Arrival: 1866
Vessel: Moravian

Hope this helps,

J Murphy

Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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Ah, the amazing J Murphy strikes again! did find Christian's birth date? What was it - where - who were his parents?

Port of Embarkation Liverpool
Arrive Quebec May 1866 aboard the SS Moravian No 10
Chr Jensen 32
Soppie Jensen 23
Abraham Jensen 3
Carl Jensen --

These children must have died:
29 November 1863 Johannes Georg Jensen born
08 August 1865 Johannes Hulgaard Jensen born

Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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Sorry, but no, I didn't find Christian Jensen's birthdate other than that the 1900 census (Swan Lake, Turner, S.Dakota) has it as Aug 1833. There are just too many possibilities - if anyone has an exact date....? or parent's name? sibling? Anything to be able to pin it down a bit more.

I also didn't go through the rest of the parish records for Vor Frue to look for other children. Were there any sponsors names there that might be his family members?

Jo Murphy

Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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Popped back and here you are. There's another thread on this family (on Genforum) - with those children's births. I meant to post the link. The thread doesn't show the immigration record or Christian Jensen's parents or the family's location in Wisconsin, etc. It could be the answers have been found...


Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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On his naturalization record there were two men that verified he had lived in Turner County for 5 years. Their names are Soren Frederickson and Soren Monk. I don't think there is any relation to Christian. I have not found any records showing any siblings of Christian either.

Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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Wouldn't you know it? It's all there and more. Still, it kept me busy for an hour or two searching :-) (can't help it, I just like puzzles)


Re: Need help finding Danish immigrants

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