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Thomas McCall and Sarah Sterrett

Thomas McCall and Sarah Sterrett

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Surnames: McCall Sterrett
I am looking for Thomas McCall who was born in Ireland, and had some connection to Armagh Ireland, and also for his wife Sarah Sterrett who was born in Tyrone Ireland. He was born around 1837 and she was born around 1849. They went to Australia. Has anyone got any information on these two? Many thanks

Re: Thomas McCall and Sarah Sterrett

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Sterrett is an unusual name, when did they go to Australia
did they come married or separate? There are no Sterrett's or Sterrit and Starrit in the Tyrone telephone book. There are
McCall's in Armagh, 27 in the british telephone book for

There are 155 Sterrit's in Ireland in 1911 and 63 Starrit
but the last mention of the name Sterrit in Tyrone is 1933 on an immigration to USA and the last death recorded is 1919 in Tyrone, this registration does go up to 1950.

Annette Code

Re: Thomas McCall and Sarah Sterrett

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Surnames: Sterrett McCall
Hi Annette -- thanks for responding!

They came to Australia separately. James Sterrett, born around 1813 (don't know where) went to Australia on August 29, 1863 on the ship "Lightning" and brought with him his wife Jane Dunn, born around 1816 (in Ireland, nothing more specific) and his 3 daughters, all born in Tyrone (have the documents): Sarah Sterret (born 1849 in Tyrone) (my great-grandmother); her sister Eliza Sterrett (born 1853 in Tyrone); another sister Margaret Sterrett (born 1855 in Tyrone); and a brother Samuel (born 1859 in Tyrone). Even though the kids were born in Tyrone, the family's nationality was listed as Scottish.

In Australia, Sarah Sterret married Thomas McCall (my great-grandfather), who was born around 1837, possibly to William McCall and Elizabeth Joyce. They married in Victoria, Australia in 1867. As to how Thomas came to Australia, there is a record of a Thomas McCall who went to Australia from Glasgow on the ship "Lochlomond" and whose nationality was listed as Scottish -- the birth date is 1829 not 1837 -- not sure if it is him. I was told the McCalls were from Armagh and before that Scotland. Just don't know...

I know what happened in Australia and thereafter -- I'm trying to track the Sterrets and McCalls back from Northern Ireland to Scotland...

Any help or advice welcome!!

Re: Thomas McCall and Sarah Sterrett

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Scotland records are on and this is
a good idea. (I did a genealogy search through these records for a friends sister and all that I found on the website was correct when she visited Scotland.
All the Scots were transplants from Cromwell forward more in the north 1/2 than the south as all property taken by the British and given as favours to british aristocrats. The UK considered Scots and English farmers better than Irish who they treated abominally. No voting, no schooling and few chapels before 1829. The protestant church was considered the dominant church!
There was also a mandate to increase the number of Protestants in Ireland to outnumber the indigenous Irish.
You find so many English names as well. I couldn't figure that out when I first looked for my husband's family in
Wexford and Wicklow.
I did some research for a friend whose grandfather came from Ireland to Canada in 1901 from Cavan, his parents were Scotland born and returned to Scotland later.


Re: Thomas McCall and Sarah Sterrett

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Thanks, Annette -- I'll check out the Scottish records. Wishing you all the best,.
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