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gydesen family

gydesen family

mary munn (View posts)
Posted: 978865217000
I have info back to my great grandparents:
peter gydesen ingaborg nicholaisen. these are my grandfathers parents. My grandfather was also peter gydesen (1/22/1899-10/73) and married sarah fey (9/15/03-2-86) any info regarding any relatives of these would be greatly appriciated.

Gydesen Family

Gayle Gydesen (View posts)
Posted: 983303124000
My grandfather was Morris Gydesen, he passed away in 88. He married Bernice Morrison, she is 93. I was just talking to her a while back, and she said there was a Peder (made a point about the different spelling) but I can't remember if that was my great grandpa's name or the name of his brother he lost touch with? Grandpa had a brother Peter too, so maybe we are in the same family "branch"? My Father was the youngest one of the family, his name was Norman. Ingabor is a family name for us also. Well if you want to know anything else let me know and I will be happy to ask grandma!

gydesen family

Mary Munn (View posts)
Posted: 983455375000
I check out what I have for family history. I found your name in the info that I have. It looks like your grandfater is my great uncle. Please contact me via e-mail and I can send you any info that you may want and you may have some that I would like to have. my e-mail is

Gydesen Tree

Bob Kasson (View posts)
Posted: 984741662000
I found your message interesting and thought I
would touch base with you. My mother is
Ruby Kasson (Gydesen) originally from
Nebraska. Her parents were Elmer and Helen
Gydesen. I know he had several brother not
sure of their names....maybe Fred. Do you
know how they might fit in the tree?

Gydesen Tree

Gayle (View posts)
Posted: 987285569000
Hi Bob!
I looked over all the work that Mary put together, and did not see an Elmer on there, or a Fred, perhaps you are another part of the family tree... My grandmother told me that Great-grandpa lost touch w/ his brother, and thought he may have changed his name? How far back can you trace your family?


Bob Kasson (View posts)
Posted: 987600264000
I got a little more information concerning my
mother side. Her grandpa was John, his kids were
Jake, Elmer, Bill, Ethel, Fred, Norman, Anne,
and Herbert(Mike)....She thinks her great-grandpa
was Hans. Any of this fit with your research?

Family Tree

Gayle (View posts)
Posted: 987602779000
I wonder if Hans had a brother Peder? Perhaps he is the lost brother, who came with from Denmark? Do you know when Hans was born? Peder was born March 13, 1856 in Varda, Denmark. It is kind of funny my Dad's name was Norman, and 2 of his brother's names are Bill and John... Common enough I know, but still interesting. Do you have family in New York? That is where a lot of them are, or stayed... Have a great day!
Just Curious, how old are you, do you have siblings? What State do you live in? Talk to you later.

Further info

Bob Kasson (View posts)
Posted: 987603350000
I live in Illinios... My mother and grandpa
were both born and raised in Nebraska. From
what I understand Jake moved to Calif., Fred
and Bill stayed in Nebraska. Not sure about
the others.


Gayle (View posts)
Posted: 987603623000
Do you have yahoo chat(my ID acegayle66) or MSN(ID abbijean)? Or If you want to email me directly at I can send you what Mary sent me, so you can look at it, any way:)
I live in MI, we are practically neighbors!


Would love more info

Bob Kasson (View posts)
Posted: 987605082000
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