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Surnames: Sellers, McCoy, Morgan, Bibb, Boyd, Edison, Baker, McDowell, Clay, Burrowes, Denton, Barlow, Cheek, Tobin, Buchanan, Moore, Jones, Fitch, West, Baker, Davidson, Thompson, Noble, Parker, Ball, Adams, Stubblefield
As with the last research tip, this is just a tiny look at some of the inventions which took root in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There are likely thousands more, but maybe you’re heard of some of these inventions!

4-Winged Plane: Invented by Matthew Sellers 1908 – known as a quadroplane.

Automated lubricator for machinery: Invented by African-American, Elijah McCoy (born 1844). His inventions started the expression “the real McCoy.” He also invented an ironing board and lawn sprinkler.

Automatic traffic stop light: Invented by African-American Augustus Morgan (born 1877 Paris KY). He also invented a gas mask in 1912.

Bibb Lettuce: Invented by John Bibb of Frankfort KY about 1870.

Corded Bed: Invented by Henry Boyd (1802-1866), a KY slave who was also a carpenter and master mechanic. 1840’s.

Electric Light bulb & numerous others: Thomas Edison of Louisville KY.

Elevator Scales: Invented by African-American David Baker (born 1881) of Louisville, used to prevent overloading.

Fire Back Plate: Invented by Magdalene McDowell on the Henry Clay Estate – a heating device, early 20th century.

Gas Mask: Invented by Garrett Morgan of Paris KY in 1914.

Hemp Cleaning Machine: Invented 1796 by Nathan Burrowes of Lexington. Later discovered a better process for manufacturing mustard.

Hoisting Derrick: Invented by African-Amerian J. W. Denton, ca 1917.

Locomotive: Invented by Thomas Harris Barlow, a locomotive and a small circular railroad. He also invented a planetarium in 1841.

Maxwell House Coffee: Invented by Joel Cheek of Burkesville KY, 1892.

Mirror Illusions (Palengenesia): Invented by Thomas Tobin, Richmond KY, 1872.

Musical glasses: Invented by Dr. Joseph Buchanan in 1805, citizen of Lexington, at age 20. A musical instrument producing its harmony from glasses of different chemical composition.

Pain Relief Composition: Invented by Mary A. Moore of Carlisle KY, 1979.

Speeder spindle and stone sawing machine: Invented by John Jones who died in Lexington in 1849 at age 90.

Steamboat: Invented by John Fitch of Bardstown KY, 1785.

Steamboat: Invented by Edward West, 1793. Both credited.

Steetcar transom opener: Co-invented by African-American David Baker.

Tabulating machine rewinding device & adding machine attachment. Invented by African-American Shelby J. Davidson (1868-1931).

Thompson Submachine Gun: Invented by John Thompson of Newport, KY 1918.

Truck Refrigeration System: Invented by Fred M. Jones (1892-1961) an African-American from Cincinnati who moved to Covingtgon KY; also patented a ticket dispensing machine for movie houses.

Turning the bead on house guttering: Invented about 1835 by E.S. Noble of Lexington.

Various patents: John P. Parker (1827-1900) was born a slave, son of a white father and a slave mother; helped many slaves escape and received many patents, 1900.

Vaporizer (Improvement): Invented by Charles P. Ball of Danville KY, 1879.

Walking Cane Flute: Invented by Africian-American Charles “Cane” Adams, before 1930

Wireless Telephone: Invented by Nathan Stubblefield of Murry, KY. 1902.

Zizgag attachment for sewing machine: Invented by Garrett Morgan cited above.

For more information you might check the following sites from which I gathered information.

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