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Subject: Re: Elisabeth Berkhof - Terborg
Author: Erik Berkhof
Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2005
Classification: Query

Today I was in The Hague at the "Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie" (Dutch center for family research) and I found for you the following information.
Elisabeth Berkhoff died at 30-3-1820 in Doetincem, she was at that time 71 years old (so she is born about 1748!) and she lived in house number 86 according to the death registration. At that time she was the widow of Hendrik Willem Otten he died at 30-3-1812 also in Doetinchem.
The clue of the parents of Elisabeth can be found in the appendix of the weddingregistration of their son Hendrik Willem Otten, a shoemaker. He married at 11-4-1820 Hendrina Claver. They were onable to pay the registration of their wedding and according to the law they married "vrij van zegel". This means without paying the registrationfee. Okay now we come to the information you were looking for. In an appendix of the weddingregistration is a declaration of :
1. Corcordius Rensen 78 years old, without profession.
2. Cornelis Berkhoff 65 years old without profession.
3.Jan Hendrik Lucksen 64 years old, tailer.
4.Reinder Hueter(? name was difficult to read), cooper.

The 4 persons declared to have well known Hermannus Berkhoff and Aleida Nusselder who were married and lived in Terborg and died there more than fifty years ago and were burried at the cemetery in Terborg.

In the BBsite (branche Doetinchem from mr. Scholten) Hermannus is known as Hermanus (Alexander) and his wife as Aleida v.d. Nutzelaar. In those days names were not that strict!