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Subject: Re: Legeaux/Legaux family
Author: mnhenderson5691
Date: Friday, November 27, 2009
Classification: Query

Wait a minute, you mention there was a Louis Laporte who cohabited with and later married a former slave Olivia Brown. Is there anything else you know about this couple. Some years ago, someone mentioned to me that Rosette Catherine Laporte father may have been someone by the name of Louis Laporte. I wrote it down as a note just in case I found someone else who knew his name for sure. I have it somewhere around on one of my note pads. I remember the name louis because this person say they believe they saw it on rosette and francois Legaux's wedding document. Now here you might be providing some additional information concerning a former slave name Olivia Brown. Could this have been Rosette Catherine Laporte's mother. My heart is overwhelm at the possibility that you may have provided me with another piece of the missing puzzle. Is there anything else that is known about Olivia Brown? a physical description, whether she was Louis Laporte's slave or was she a free person of color when they got married. What about the laws that restricted these sorts of marriages. can you shade any more light here. thanks