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Texas, Voter Registration Lists, 1867-1869140,267
Texas, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1820-189079,060
Republic of Texas Poll Lists for 1846193
U.S., Census Records and Cherokee Muster Rolls, 1835-183856
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Texas, Marriage Index, 1824-201417,135,048
Texas, Birth Index, 1903-199717,102,069
Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-198213,614,533
Texas, Select County Marriage Records, 1837-201513,558,573
Texas, Divorce Index, 1968-20147,684,461
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U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947Updated54,293,029
U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942Updated15,293,445
U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-18652,049,383
U.S., Union Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865837,569
Alabama, Texas and Virginia, Confederate Pensions, 1884-1958219,155
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Border Crossings: From Mexico to U.S., 1895-19645,878,609
Texas, Passenger Lists, 1893-19631,027,707
Texas, Naturalization Records, 1852-1991536,839
U.S., Applications for Seaman's Protection Certificates, 1916-1940320,331
Texas, Index Card Collections, 1800-1900102,875
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Amarillo Globe News (Amarillo, Texas)67
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Texas, Select Headstone Photos, 1850-200594,225
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U.S., Dutch Christian Reformed Church Membership Records, 1856-1970210,144
Texas, Prison Employee Ledgers, 1861-1938207,611
U.S., Dutch Christian Reformed Church Vital Records, 1856-197052,945
An Enduring Legacy26,448
Texas, Capitol Building Payroll, 1882-18886,906
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Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-19103,852,784
Texas, Land Title Abstracts,1700-2008442,615
Eastland County, Texas, County Records, 1868-1949364,267
Texas, Convict and Conduct Registers, 1875-1945Free263,765
Texas, Wills and Probate Records, 1833-1974110,917
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A bibliography of Texas283
Texas county histories : a bibliography230
A gazetteer of Texas184
Index to the calendar of the papers of Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar38
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A gazetteer of Texas184
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Texas, Gonzalez de la Garza Genealogy Collection, 1800s-1900s270,253
Texas, Index Card Collections, 1800-1900102,875
An Enduring Legacy26,448
A history of Texas : from wilderness to commonwealth2,176
A history of Texas and Texans2,157
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A Genealogical History

Texas in brief

Statehood: December 29, 1845
Capital: Austin
Largest City: Houston
Counties: 254
State motto: Friendship
State nickname: The Lone Star State
Neighboring states: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana

Guadalupe Mountains, near El Paso, Texas, c. 1856

Interesting Facts

  • Present-day Texas was settled in 1682 by the Spanish at Isleta, near what is now El Paso. The Spanish set up military outposts (presidios) in the eastern part of the state. The Franciscans were also establishing missions throughout the state during the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Native American tribes resided in the area when present-day Texas was settled in 1682 by the Spanish at Isleta, near today’s El Paso. Between 1685 and 1700, Franciscan missions and Spanish military outposts (presidios) were established in east Texas at Nacogdoches, Goliad, and San Antonio.
  • On 02 October 1835, American colonists rebelling against the policies of the Mexican government under the leadership of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna successfully held off Mexican forces at Gonzales, Texas beginning the Texas War of Independence. In February of 1836, the famous battle took place at the Alamo in San Antonio. The defeat became a rallying cry and in April 1836, Texans defeated the Mexican forces at San Jacinto, securing their independence.
  • The Republic of Texas remained independent until it was annexed to the United States in 1845. Texas' legal entry as a U.S. state was 29 December 1845, although a formal ceremony transferring power from the Republic to the State of Texas wasn't held until 19 February 1846.
    Texas admission to the United States spurred the Mexican American War in 1846, which was fought over boundaries and territory to the west. It ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, in which Mexico ceded much of what is now the American southwest.

Featured Texas Data Collections

U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 194215,293,445
U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-194754,293,029
Texas, Select County Marriage Records, 1837-201513,558,573
U.S., Presbyterian Church Records, 1701-19704,530,460
U.S., Compiled Military Service Records for American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1845-184824,423

Famous People

Help and Advice


Texas Census Research

Federal censuses for Texas begin in 1850. Some Texas schedules survived for the mostly destroyed 1890 population schedules, including:

  • Ellis County (Justice Precinct 6, Mountain Peak, and Ovilla Precinct);
  • Hood County (Precinct 5);
  • Rusk County (No. 6 and Justice Precinct No. 7);
  • Trinity County (town of Trinity and Justice Precinct 2); and
  • Kaufman County (Kaufman).

Although Greer County in present-day Oklahoma functioned as part of Texas between 1886 and 1896, the 1890 census for this county was enumerated under Oklahoma Territory.

Some censuses of ranchos are available for the years between 1797 and 1826. An 1828 Padron which listed home, age, occupation, marital status, religion, and family members is available at the Texas State Library as part of the records group contained in the Nacogdoches Archives section for 1753-1836 on microfilm.

No censuses were taken under the Republic of Texas (1836-45), although an 1830 territorial census of Miller County, Arkansas included an area that is in present-day Texas. Tax records provide a substitute for 1840.


Texas Vital records

  • Texas Vital Statistics: Holds records of births and deaths from 1903. Marriage and divorce records are available from the county where the event was recorded; however, the Vital Records Department can verify marriages and divorces from the mid-1960s to 2008. Indexes of marriage applications and divorce indexes are available for download from the web site. See the vital records FAQ for more information.
  • Texas State Library and Archives – Vital statistic indexes: The FAQ provides information about indexes and records available at the Archives and how to request a search for a specific name.
  • Texas Death Records Index, 1964-1998 (RootsWeb)


Texas Research Resources

The organizations listed below provide information about Texas history and genealogy. In addition to these state-level resources, many counties and towns maintain important genealogical collections in local libraries, genealogical societies, or historical societies, so check for a local resource when researching.


Statewide Research Resources


Specialty and Regional Research