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U.S., Departing Passenger and Crew Lists, 1914-19667,811,022
U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992 (Indexed in World Archives Project)5,823,338
U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s5,430,203
U.S., Border Crossings from Canada to U.S., 1895-19605,395,724
U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-19252,882,985
U.S., Select Crew Lists and Manifests, 1903-19622,454,858
U.S., Atlantic Ports Passenger Lists, 1820-1873 and 1893-1959909,749
Rhode Island, State and Federal Naturalization Records, 1802-1945476,950
U.S. Subject Index to Correspondence and Case Files of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1903-1959331,285
Rhode Island, Indexes to Naturalization Records, 1890-1992120,719
U.S., Consular Registration Certificates, 1907-191882,464
New England, The Great Migration and The Great Migration Begins, 1620-163562,840
Jewish Transmigration Bureau Deposit Cards, 1939-1954 (JDC)59,396
Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-177550,955
U.S., Consular Registration Applications, 1916-192545,028
Web: US, New England Seamen's Protection Certificate Index, 1796-187129,384
Canada and U.S., Dutch Emigrants, 1946-196319,083
U.S., World War I Soldier Naturalizations, 191818,298
Atlantic Ports, Gulf Coasts, and Great Lakes Passenger Lists, Roll 7: 1820-183517,757
U.S. Military: Great White Fleet (Atlantic Fleet bound for the Pacific, 16 December 1907)12,896
Atlantic Ports, Gulf Coasts, and Great Lakes Passenger Lists, Roll 8: 1845-18499,479
War of 1812 Papers, 1789-18158,404
Naturalizations in America and the West Indies, 1740-17827,058
U.S., German Immigrants, 1712-19336,289
U.S. Consular Posts, Emergency Passport Applications, 1915-19265,939
Atlantic Ports, Gulf Coasts, and Great Lakes Passenger Lists, Roll 6: 1820-18634,893
Passenger Ships and Images3,965
Atlantic Ports, Gulf Coasts, and Great Lakes Passenger Lists, Roll 1: 1820-18712,769
American (Loyalist) Migrations, 1765-1799945
U.S., Registration Certificates - Widows, Divorced Women, & Minors, 1907-1914886
United Empire Loyalists, Part II734
United Empire Loyalists, Part I700
New World Immigrants, Vol. II603
New World Immigrants, Vol. I586
Passengers to America557
Bonded Passengers to America (Volumes I and II) 1615-1775 & 1617-1775555
Irish Relatives and Friends467
Passengers Who Arrived in the U.S., September 1821-December 1823433
British Aliens in the United States During the War of 1812427
Bonded Passengers to America (9 vols. In 3)410
The Original Scots Colonists of Early America, 1612-1783378
Denizations and Naturalizations in the British Colonies in America, 1607-1775365
Going to America345
Passenger Arrivals, 1819-1820343
The Old United Empire Loyalists List336
Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England, 1620-1650326
Register of Seamen's Protection Certificates from the Providence, Rhode Island Customs District, 1796-1870315
Irish Emigration to New England through the Port of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 1841 to 1849289
Rhode Island Passenger Lists241
Rhode Island Passenger Lists by Maureen A. Taylor240
Immigrants to New England, 1700-1775238
The Original Scots Colonists of Early America. Supplement 1607-1707206
Emigrants from England to the American Colonies, 1773-1776189
Indexes to Seamen's Protection Certificate Applications and Proofs of Citizenship174
80 immigrants : our Merrill-Covell pedigree159
Emigrants from Ireland to America, 1735-1743138
Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia 1682-1750137
The Winthrop Fleet of 1630124
Emigrants from Scotland to America, 1774-1775118
Deutsch-Amerikanische Skizzen : für jüdische Auswanderer und Nichtauswanderer (in German)109
19-Century Emigration of 'Old Lutherans' from Eastern Germany to Australia, Canada, and the United States96
German Emigrants from France (Haut-Rhin Department) to America. Part 1 (1837-1844) and Part 2 (1845-1847)90
Scottish Soldiers in Colonial America, Part I36
Scottish Soldiers in Colonial America, Part II33

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