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U.S., Obituary Index, 1800s-current834,426,322
U.S., Marriage Index, 1800s-1999253,794,572
U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-Current185,951,314
U.S., Find a Grave Index, 1600s-Current161,058,083
U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007133,418,578
U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-201494,331,839
U.S., Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection, 1847-Current65,373,759
Ohio, U.S., Birth Index, 1908-199826,217,929
Ohio, U.S., County Marriage Records, 1774-199318,873,749
Web: Obituary Daily Times Index, 1995-201616,133,739
Ohio, U.S., Death Records, 1908-1932, 1938-201814,636,739
U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-201014,465,030
Ohio, U.S., Births and Christenings Index, 1774-197313,086,969
U.S., Veterans' Gravesites, ca.1775-20199,365,082
U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Church Records, 1781-19699,112,919
U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-19357,632,244
Ohio, U.S., Marriage Abstracts, 1970, 1972-20076,777,837
U.S., Presbyterian Church Records, 1701-19704,530,460
Ohio, U.S., Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Obituary Index, 1810s-20164,252,050
Ohio, U.S., Divorce Abstracts, 1962-1963, 1967-1971, 1973-20073,850,942
U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Swedish American Church Records, 1800-19473,655,098
U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-19702,905,615
Cuyahoga County, Ohio, U.S., Marriage Records and Indexes, 1810-19731,880,003
Summit County, Ohio, U.S., Marriage Records, 1840-19801,618,155
U.S., Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-18851,607,736
Ohio, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1786-19981,373,413
U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-19701,268,400
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)1,195,945
Jefferson County, Ohio, U.S., Court Records, 1797-1951963,135
U.S., Hinshaw Index to Selected Quaker Records, 1680-1940887,019
Web: Global, Gravestone Photograph Index, 1265-2014876,327
U.S., National Cemetery Interment Control Forms, 1928-1962826,157
U.S., Deceased Physician File (AMA), 1864-1968707,724
U.S., Burial Registers, Military Posts and National Cemeteries, 1862-1960556,034
Web: Lucas County, Ohio, U.S., Blade Obituary Index, 1842-2014555,638
Web: Dayton, Ohio, U.S., Obituary Index, 1850-2013523,226
U.S., Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index, 1850-1880492,925
U.S., Headstone and Interment Records for U.S., Military Cemeteries on Foreign Soil, 1942-1949461,322
Ohio, U.S., Compiled Marriage Index, 1803-1900429,836
Web: Ohio, U.S., MOLO Obituary Index, 1811-2012405,565
U.S., National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938391,018
U.S., Cemetery Index from Selected States, 1847-2010354,365
Washington County, Ohio, U.S., Newspaper Obituaries, 1884-2013337,755
Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.)333,348
Ohio, U.S., Soldier Grave Registrations, 1804-1958330,158
U.S., Army Personnel and Dependent Casualties, 1961-1981293,855
U.S., Evangelical Covenant Church, Swedish American Church Records, 1868-1970292,881
Ohio, U.S., Select County Death Records,1840-1908255,372
U.S., Registers of Deaths of Volunteers, 1861-1865249,612
Web: Columbus, Ohio, U.S., Green Lawn Cemetery Index, 1780-2010238,205
U.S., Newspaper Marriage Index, 2002-2015229,324
Web: Preble County, Ohio, U.S., Marriage Index, 1808-2000210,180
U.S., Dutch Christian Reformed Church Membership Records, 1856-1970210,144
Web: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S., Spring Grove Cemetery Index, 1845-2012205,215
U.S., Civil War Roll of Honor, 1861-1865203,022
Web: Columbiana County, Ohio, U.S., Salem News Obituary Index, 1957-2011198,446
Web: Hancock County, Ohio, U.S., Obituary Index, 1808-2010181,113
U.S., Census Reconstructed Records, 1660-1820171,563
U.S., Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1861-1904170,057
Web: Columbus, Ohio, U.S., Union Cemetery Index, 1847-2012162,427
U.S., World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas159,582
U.S., Korean War Casualties, 1950-1957153,640
Summit County, Ohio, U.S., Birth Records, 1866-1908152,093
Web: Lake County, Ohio, U.S., Obituary Index, 1830-2011149,542
U.S., Vietnam War Military Casualties, 1956-1998118,528
Web: U.S., Marine Corps Casualty Indexes, 1940-1958115,570
Cuyahoga County, Ohio, U.S., Jewish Marriage Record Extracts, 1837-1934114,102
U.S., Newspaper Birth Index, 2005-2015112,490
Web: Montgomery County, Ohio, U.S., Woodland Cemetery Index, 1814-2011104,246
Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, U.S., Catholic Parish Records, 1796-2004102,728
Web: Ashtabula County, Ohio, U.S., Obituary Index, 1858-201292,877
American Soldiers of World War I89,332
U.S., Navy Pensions Index, 1861-191081,655
U.S., Index to Quaker Obituary Notices, 1822-201279,196
Web: Delaware County, Ohio, U.S., Burial Index, 1784-201174,444
Web: Preble County, Ohio, U.S., Death Index, 1835-201070,177
Web: Fayette County, Ohio, U.S., Record Herald Obituary Index, 1911-200563,243
Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots57,498
Stark County, Ohio, U.S., Coroner's Records, 1890-200257,294
U.S, UK and Ireland, Quaker Published Memorials, 1818-191955,135
U.S., Select Births and Christenings, 1867-193154,622
U.S., Dutch Christian Reformed Church Vital Records, 1856-197052,945
Mayflower Births and Deaths, Vol. 1 and 245,912
Summit County, Ohio, U.S., Death Records, 1866-190845,408
Web: Gallia County, Ohio, U.S., Burial Index, 1811-201142,661
Cuyahoga County, Ohio, U.S., County Records 1880-195036,089
U.S., Cemetery Address Book28,812
The Cleveland Jewish News Obituary Index, 1964-200727,858
Early Members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints25,973
U.S., Registers of Deaths in the Regular Army, 1860-188923,801
Web: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S., Oak Hill Cemetery Index, 1910-201223,080
U.S., Compiled Records from Various Societies, 1875-201022,086
United States, Officer Down Memorials, 1791-201421,927
Web: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S., Wesleyan Cemetery Burial Index, 1842-199421,660
U.S., F.B.I. Deceased Criminal Identification Files, 1971-199419,807
Web: Gallia County, Ohio, U.S., Birth Records, 1894-190318,182
U.S., Published Quaker Family Histories, 1845-192017,950
U.S., Selected Jewish Obituaries, 1948-200217,134
U.S., Military Burial Registers, 1768-192115,757
U.S., Professional Baseball Player Profiles, 1876-200413,622

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