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U.S., Obituary Index, 1800s-current858,044,121
U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-Current191,120,150
Associated Press, Name Card Index to AP Stories, 1905-19902,169,298
Associated Press, Stories and Newsfeatures, 1937-1985704,997
Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland)296,054
Daily Mail (Hagerstown, Maryland)276,277
U.S., Historic Catalogs of Sears, Roebuck and Co., 1896-1993252,502
The Frederick Post (Frederick, Maryland)243,812
U.S., African American Newspapers, 1829-1947210,524
The News (Frederick, Maryland)206,282
Cumberland Evening Times (Cumberland, Maryland)104,610
The Capital (Annapolis, Maryland)104,152
Cumberland News (Cumberland, Maryland)99,244
The Daily Times (Salisbury, Maryland)84,686
Salisbury Times (Salisbury, Maryland)52,679
Denton Journal (Denton, Maryland)29,151
Evening Times (Cumberland, Maryland)19,501
U.S., Selected Jewish Obituaries, 1948-200217,134
Evening Post (Frederick, Maryland)6,093
The Herald And Torch Light (Hagerstown, Maryland)6,047
U.S., "Happy Days" Newspaper of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-19400
OSIA News (Order Sons of Italy in America), 1953-19953,792
Torch Light And Public Advertiser (Hagers-Town, Maryland)2,284
Evening Capital (Annapolis, Maryland)1,991
Italian America Magazine (Order Sons of Italy in America), 1996-20091,598
U.S., Stars and Stripes Newspaper, 1918-1919568
Irish Relatives and Friends467
The Alleganian (Cumberland, Maryland)463
Daily News (Frederick, Maryland)434
Weekly News (Frederick, Maryland)430
The Frederick Town Herald (Frederick, Maryland)417
Abstracts from the PA Gazette, 1748-1755380
Democratic Alleganian (Cumberland, Maryland)347
Genealogical Abstracts from The American Weekly Mercury, 1719-1746184
Cumberland Alleganian (Cumberland, Maryland)170
The Barger journal : June, 1924.154
The Frederick News Post (Frederick, Maryland)36
U.S., American Protective League Newsletters, 191832
Associated Press, The AP World, 1943–20010