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Connecticut, a guide to its roads, lore and people690
Encyclopedia of Connecticut Biography564
A biographical dictionary520
A gazetteer of the states of Connecticut and Rhode-Island395
A catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut337
Burt's guide through the Connecticut Valley to the White Mountains and the River Saquenay310
Connecticut beautiful300
Families of Ancient New Haven, Vol. VII273
Families of Ancient New Haven, Vol. VI267
Families of Ancient New Haven, Vol. IV260
Families of Ancient New Haven, Vol. VIII259
Families of Ancient New Haven, Vol. V259
Inventory of the town and city archives of Connecticut.199
Crossing and re-crossing the Connecticut River154
Road and hand book of Massachusetts and Rhode Island121
Connecticut statute laws : a bibliographical list of editions of Connecticut laws from the earliest issues to 1836119
Reference list on Connecticut local history113
Overflow letters from the genealogical and biographical history of the Manning families of New England78
A tourists guide to Connecticut78
Illustrated review of the Naugatuck Valley58
An index of the Stafford families of New England and their descendants55
An index of material concerning Connecticut32
List of memoirs printed in the "Collections" of the Massachusetts Historical Society7

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