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The history of San Francisco1,412
The annals of San Francisco829
San Francisco : the bay and its cities596
Lights and shades in San Francisco539
San Francisco : a pageant483
Inventory of the county archives of California: The city and county of San Francisco.426
Complete story of San Francisco's terrible calamity of earthquake and fire311
A pioneer pastorate and times : embodying contemporary local transactions and events251
The colonial history of the city of San Francisco223
The Retrospect : a glance at thirty years of the history of Howard Street Methodist Episcopal Church of San Francisco.219
The history of the first pastorate of the Howard Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, California, 1850-1862173
An illustrated and descriptive souvenir and guide to San Francisco : a new handbook for strangers and tourists159
Byways around San Francisco Bay154
San Francisco, the financial, commercial and industrial metropolis of the Pacific Coast133
Continuation of The annals of San Francisco.133
San Francisco and thereabout123
Historical abstract of San Francisco.113
The Chapter in your life entitled San Francisco : and the California it centers.113
The lure of San Francisco : a romance amid old landmarks105
Lone Mountain : the most revered of San Francisco's hills104
Fifty years of the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco : October 20, 1850, October 21, 1900.100
The city that is : the story of the rebuilding of San Francisco in three years97
The story of Rancho San Antonio94
Clark's Point : a narrative of the conquest of California and of the beginning of San Francisco68
San Francisco one hundred years ago50
Chronological outline of the history of San Francisco9

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