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U.S. City Directories, 1822-19951,560,284,835
U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-1999678,321,037
U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 1418,684,440
U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 2402,475,896
U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002313,278,786
Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Church and Town Records, 1669-201314,243,547
U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-19356,427,235
California, Railroad Employment Records, 1862-19505,689,563
U.S., School Catalogs, 1765-19355,378,762
Ohio and Florida, City Directories, 1902-19604,912,471
U.S., Register of Civil, Military, and Naval Service, 1863-19593,783,772
U.K. and U.S. Directories, 1680-18302,518,462
U.S., College Student Lists, 1763-19241,516,361
U.S., Railroad Retirement Pension Index, 1934-19871,514,828
U.S., Appointments of U. S. Postmasters, 1832-19711,514,110
U.S., Chicago and North Western Railroad Employment Records, 1935-19701,095,640
U.S., Hinshaw Index to Selected Quaker Records, 1680-1940887,019
California, Occupational Licenses, Registers, and Directories, 1876-1969848,561
New York, Genealogical Records, 1675-1920797,866
Connecticut, Church Record Abstracts, 1630-1920761,979
New York, State Employment Cards and Peddlers' Licenses, 1840-1966709,382
Massachusetts City Directories698,391
Connecticut City Directories666,326
U.S., High School Student Lists, 1821-1923645,940
U.S., Selected Quaker College Yearbooks and Alumni Directories, 1896-2003521,947
U.S., Selected States Dutch Reformed Church Membership Records, 1701-1995465,390
U.S., World War II Cadet Nursing Corps Card Files, 1942-1948390,020
Brooklyn, New York Directories, 1888-1890384,345
New England, Select United Methodist Church Records, 1787-1922374,894
U.S., Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol I–VI, 1607-1943356,712
Colorado, Steelworks Employment Records, 1887-1979350,223
Massachusetts, Mason Membership Cards, 1733-1990336,033
Arizona, School Census Records, 1910-1917323,105
U.S., National Register of Scientific and Technical Personnel, 1921-1970320,835
Philadelphia City Directory, 1890316,704
U.S., Northern Pacific Railway Company Personnel Files, 1890-1963315,594
San Francisco, California Directories, 1889-91252,944
Web: Kent County, Michigan, School Census, 1903-1925230,787
Columbus, Ohio Directories, 1887-1892217,375
Mississippi, Enumeration of Educable Children, 1850-1892; 1908-1957211,757
U.S., Dutch Christian Reformed Church Membership Records, 1856-1970210,144
Texas, Prison Employee Ledgers, 1861-1938207,611
South Dakota, School Records, 1879-1970200,731
Boston, Massachusetts Directory, 1890195,008
Rhode Island City Directories176,240
Washington, D.C. City Directory, 1890-1891176,194
Pennsylvania, Church Records - Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Counties, 1729-1881172,232
Maine City Directories170,315
Jersey City, New Jersey, Directories, 1891-1893167,503
Baltimore, Maryland Directories, 1890165,608
Cincinnati, Ohio Directory, 1890-91160,996
New Orleans, Louisiana Directories, 1890-1891157,027
U.S., Baseball Questionnaires, 1945-2005154,727
St. Louis, Missouri Directories, 1890154,714
Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929148,655
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Directory, 1889-1890147,772
U.S., Craftperson Files, 1600-1995147,553
Lockport Area, Illinois, Church, Cemetery, and Other Records, 1811-1995141,422
Troy, New York, City Directory, 1890139,168
Kansas City, Missouri City Directories, 1890-1891136,507
Providence, Rhode Island Directory, 1890-1892130,896
Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1774-1846: Schwaben Creek128,859
Rice County, Minnesota Directories, 1888-1953125,406
Albany, New York Directories, 1889-91121,741
Web: New Bedford, Massachusetts, Whaling Crew Lists Index, 1809-1927121,027
Syracuse, New York Directories, 1887-1890117,617
U.S. and Canada, Quaker Yearly Meeting Annual Reports, 1808-19300
Evansville, Indiana Directories, 1888-1892116,106
Cambridge, Massachusetts Directories, 1887-90114,850
Rochester, New York Directory, 1888-1890107,455
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Directories, 1890107,113
Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1848104,231
Worcester, Massachusetts Directories, 1888-1890103,603
New Hampshire City Directories102,687
Houston, Texas Directories, 1882-95101,731
Detroit, Michigan, Directory, 189099,779
Illinois, Compiled Records from Lockport Area Genealogical and Historical Society, 1811-199099,767
Salem, Massachusetts Directories, 1888-89, 1890-91, 1893-9497,623
Kansas, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Prior Service Records, 1859-193595,958
Omaha, Nebraska Directories, 1889-189093,357
Utica, New York Directories, 1887-189191,693
Indianapolis, Indiana Directories, 1887-9091,256
Erie, Pennsylvania City Directories, 1889-189390,991
Scranton, Pennsylvania, Directories, 1890-189288,939
Reading, Pennsylvania Directories, 1888-189088,140
Web: Hibbing, Minnesota, High School Indexes, 1919-200188,102
Joliet, Illinois, Directories, 1884-189284,075
Manchester, New Hampshire Directories, 1890-189381,330
Buffalo, New York Directory, 189080,057
U.S., Index to Quaker Obituary Notices, 1822-201279,196
Louisville, Kentucky Directories, 189078,820
The Houston Jewish Herald-Voice Index to Vitals and Family Events, 1908-200778,467
Houston, Texas City Directory, 191777,881
Covington, Kentucky Directories, 1890, 189277,392
Minneapolis, Minnesota Directories, 1890-189177,037
Grand Rapids, Michigan, City Directories, 1889-189075,786
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Directories, 1887-189075,709
Paterson, New Jersey Directories, 1890-189375,407
Fall River, Massachusetts City Directories, 1889-189174,223
Toledo, Ohio, Directories, 1889-189174,207

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