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World Foreign Gazetteer, Vol. 11,545,127
Jewish Given Name Variations721,272
US & British Isle, Joseph Thomas Biographical Dictionary, 18902,527
Cassell's Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland2,416
A Dictionary of Universal Biography of All Ages and all Peoples766
Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry689
United Kingdom, Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Fifth Report679
Great Britain and Ireland: Picturesque Views of County Seats, Volume I-VI631
Happy Homes and How to Make Them173
Tracing Your British Ancestors98
Popular Errors Explained & Illustrated0
Paterson's Book of Roads 18080
Photography in a Nutshell0
Owen's New Book of Roads (1822)0
The Genealogists Guide0
The Farmers' Almanac and Calendar for 18490
A Guide to the English Tongue0
A Dictionary of Violin Makers0
Whittaker's Almanack 18790
The Universal Pocket Companion 17410
The Triumphs of Steam0
The Coinage of the British Empire0
Surnames of the United Kingdom, 1912.0
Songs of Life0
Something for Everybody - Domestic Arts & Customs0
Simm's Manual for the Topographer and Genealogist - 18560
Records and Record Searching - A Guide for the Genealogist Topographer0
Complete Domestic Medicine 18490
How to Write the History of a Family0
U.K., Medicine and Our Ancestors0
Coaching Days and Coaching Ways0
District Handbook Ratepayers' Guide and Almanack 19110
Dionis' Chirurgical Operations 17330
Hill's Family Herbal 18120