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Ireland, City and Regional Directories, 1836-194711,840,763
Ireland, Select Catholic Birth and Baptism Registers, 1763-19171,893,096
UK & Ireland, Nursing Registers, 1898-19681,600,730
Ireland, Jameson Distillery Staff Wage and Employment Books, 1862-19691,033,020
UK & Ireland, Medical Directories, 1845-1942738,852
Ireland, Select Catholic Marriage Registers, 1778-1942401,663
Ireland, Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland Membership Registers, 1733-1923318,964
UK and Ireland, Masters and Mates Certificates, 1850-1927281,933
Ireland, Lord Viscount Morpeth's Testimonial Roll, 1841158,389
Ireland, National School Registers, 1847-1959157,855
Ireland, Select Catholic Death and Burial Registers, 1767-1992135,637
Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary Pensions, 1873-1925130,318
Ireland, Select Catholic Confirmation Registers, 1775-192393,214
UK, Medical and Dental Students Registers, 1882-193792,436
Ireland, The Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-192188,624
Irish Flax Growers List, 179656,018
Ireland, Catholic Qualification and Convert Rolls, 1701-184532,134
Ireland, School Masters and Mistresses, 182613,265
Web: Ireland, Trade Directory, 193113,000
UK & Ireland, Queen's Nursing Institute Roll of Nurses, 1891-193110,874
Web: UK, Register of Railway Employee Injuries and Deaths, 1911-19153,915
Ireland, Thom's Directory, 19040
UK and Ireland, Commissioners' Report of Children's Employment, 18421,940
Registers of Kendal Westmorland 1558-1587105
Historical and Genealogical Account of the Family of Vance (Vans, Vaux, and De Vaux)46
Frackleton Genealogy, 1700-187912
Finley of Maberacolton and McArthur of Miltown, County Tyrone8

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