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Germany, World War I Casualty Lists, 1914-1919 (in German)7,433,005
Germany & Austria, Directories of Military and Marine Officers, 1600-1918 (in German)5,904,223
Germany, Military Killed in Action, 1939-1948 (in German)2,500,973
Germany, Concentration Camp Records, 1937-1945 (in German)411,852
Germany & Austria, Directories of Military and Marine Officers, 1500-1939 (in German)213,429
German Casualties in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871 (in German)159,336
Germany and Austria, Military and Marine Unit Histories, 1760-1933 (in German)134,887
Germany, Navy Casualty Lists, 1914-1919 (in German)106,266
Germany, Military and Marine Weekly Publications, 1816-1942 (in German)81,236
Bad Doberan, Germany, Military Registers, 1868-1914 (in German)12,896
German Navy Crew Chronicle, 1891-1918 (in German)6,574
Flensburg, Germany, World War I Solider Index Cards, 1914-1918 (in German)1,998
Compiled List of Jews in Concentration Camps, 1945987
Germany, Torpedo Personnel Register, 1911 (in German)360
Militär-Adreßbuch (Taschen-Rangliste) aller im Bezirke des VII. Armeekorps wohnenden Offiziere, Sanitätsoffiziere, Veterinäroffiziere und höheren Militärbeamten des Beurlaubtenstandes, 1910 (in German)274
Kitchener, Ontario German War Graves188
A sketch of the history of the war in Europe : from its commencement to the treaty of peace between France and Austria134
Die Regiments-Namen der altpreussischen Armee (in German)51

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