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Public Member Stories27,351,956
Private Member Stories9,331,957
Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s2,255,689
Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry, 1909-19148,670
Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry, 1897-19098,139
Canada, Canadian National Railway Immigrant Records, 1937-19614,158
U.S. and Canada, Quaker Monthly Meeting Historical Data, 1671-20102,087
Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-18751,574
The Naval Service of Canada: Its Official History1,105
The Canadian portrait gallery1,071
Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory, 1871998
Canada : a memorial volume : a statistical and descriptive handbook of the Dominion968
The first century of Methodism in Canada915
Nos gloires nationales, ou, Histoire des principales familles du Canada (in French)877
The British dominions in North America, or, A topographical and statistical description of the provinces of Lower and Upper Canada869
Genealogy of the Child, Childs, and Childe families856
Histoire de la seigneurie de St.-Ours (in French)839
The Canadian biographical dictionary : and portrait gallery of eminent and self-made men : Ontario volume.724
Histoire des grandes familles françaises du Canada, ou, Aperçu sur le Chevalier Benoist et quelques familles contemporaines (in French)701
The history and genealogy of the Knowltons of England and America698
The Canada Directory684
Les Canadiens-Français: origine des familles émigrées de France, d'Espagne, de Suisse, etc. (in French)642
History of the Presbyterian church in the Dominion of Canada637
Lettres de Cavalier de La Salle et correspondance relative à ses entreprises (1678-1685) (in French)595
La famille de Nicolas Gendron (in French)582
The Hartwells of America520
The historical writings of the late Orsamus H. Marshall relating to the early history of the West519
A Chronology of Montreal and of Canada from 1752 to 1893501
A complete history of Illinois from 1673 to 1873: embracing the physical features of the country, its early explorations, aboriginal inhabitants501
The Northwest under three flags : 1635-1796478
The falls of Niagara : their evolution and varying relations to the Great Lakes473
History of the Jews in America : from the period of the discovery of the New World to the present time450
Physicians and surgeons of America: a collection of biographical sketches of the regular medical profession446
The commercial empire of the St. Lawrence, 1760-1850443
Journals and diaries of the war of the revolution with lists of officers and soldiers, 1775-1783425
The history of Methodism in Canada422
The Loyalists in Ontario418
The story of the Great Lakes415
Public men and public life in Canada412
Highways and byways of the Great Lakes402
Le pantheon canadien : (choix de biographie), dans lequel on a introduit les hommes les plus célèbres des autres colonies (in French)391
Zéphirin Paquet : sa famille, sa vie, son oeuvre. (in French)385
Histoire des Grandes Familles Françaises du Canada ou Aperçu Sur le Chevalier Benoist et Quelques Familles Contemporaines (in French)371
A History of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in Canada370
The MacIntyre, McIntyre and McIntire clan : of Scotland, Ireland, Canada and New England : typescript,370
Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America, 1895359
Tuttle's Popular History Of The Dominion Of Canada358
Thompson, Dawson, Mendenhall, Harlan genealogies : Ireland, England, Canada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kansas349
The Irish in America339
Life and times of the Right Honourable Sir John A. Macdonald, K.C.B., D. C.L.,337
Histoire des Réfugiés Huguenots en Amérique (in French)336
Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America, 1874330
Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America, 1873330
The life of William Dummer Powell, first judge at Detroit and fifth chief justice of Upper Canada309
Lovell's Gazeteer of British North America, 1881308
Americanisms, old & new: a dictionary of words, phrases and colloquialisms peculiar to the United States, British America, the West Indes, etc., etc.,307
Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America, 1877306
The Comprehensive History Of The Dominion Of Canada304
Chiploquorgan, or, Life by the camp fire in Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland300
Emigration rochelaise en Nouvelle-France (in French)297
Histoire du Canada : Depuis Sa Découverte Jusqu'à Nos Jours (Tome 2) (in French)291
The Great Company : Being A History Of The Honourable Company Of Merchant Adventurers Trading Into Hudson's Bay287
Histoire du Canada : Depuis Sa Découverte Jusqu'à Nos Jours (Tome 3) (in French)285
The Cober genealogy of Pennsylvania, Iowa and Canada285
Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Richelieu et leurs descendants franco-americains (in French)285
A Genealogy and History of the Hute (Chute) Family in America With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland283
Histoire du Canada : Depuis Sa Découverte Jusqu'à Nos Jours (Tome 1) (in French)281
The History Of Canada, From Its First Discovery To The Present Time272
Capt. John Mason, the founder of New Hampshire: including his tract on Newfoundland, 1620: the American charters in which he was a grantee: with letters and other historical documents. Together with a memoir272
The Leavitts of America : a compilation of five branches and gleanings from New England to California and Canada.270
La généalogie des familles Richer de la Flèche et Hamelin (in French)265
Pioneers Of France in The New France262
Summer on the lakes, in 1843259
Ontario People: 1796-1803259
Les Pionniers Français dans l'Amérique du Nord : Floride, Canada (in French)257
A Chronology Of Montreal And Of Canada From A.D. 1752 To 1893254
Histoire du Notariat au Canada Depuis la Fondation de la Colonie Jusqu'à Nos Jours (in French)251
Le Saguenay et le Bassin du Lac Saint-Jean : Ouvrage Historique et Descriptif (in French)250
The history and genealogy of the Malcolm family of the United States and Canada249
Les Canadiens-français de la Nouvelle-Angleterre (in French)248
Histoire et Description Générale de la Nouvelle France : Avec Le Journal Historique d'Un Voyage Fait Par Ordre du Roi Dans I'Amérique Septentrionnale (in French)246
History of the Huguenot emigration to America, v. 2244
Extraits des Livres de Renvoi des Subdivisions de la Paroisse de Montréal : Comprenant Ceux des Villages Incorporés de Hochelaga, de la Côte de la Visitation, de la Côte St. Louis, de St. Jean-Baptiste et de la Côte des Neiges (in French)241
An historical account of the settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America, prior to the peace of 1783: together with notices of Highland regiments and biographical sketches240
History Of Manitoba From The Earliest Settlement To 1835 And From 1835 To The Admission Of The Province Into The Dominion238
Newfoundland : Its History, Its Present Condition, And Its Prospects In The Future235
Histoire du Canada : Depuis Sa Découverte Jusqu'à Nos Jours, 1882 (Tome 2) (in French)235
La famille Tarieu de Lanaudiere (in French)227
Memoires of John Adams Dix219
L'Avenir, Townships de Durham et de Wickham : Notes Historiques et Traditionnelles Avec Précis Historiques des Autres Townships du Comté de Drummond (in French)218
Memoirs of the life and work of Philip Pearsall Carpenter, B.A., London, Ph.d., New York: chiefly derived from his letters216
Une Colonie Féodale en Amérique : L'Acadie (1604-1881), v. 2 (in French)216
Acadie And The Acadians212
Haphazard personalities: chiefly of noted Americans211
Forest Life in Arcadie. Sketches of Sport and Natural History in the Lower Province of the Canadian Dominion.210
L'Ouest Canadien : Sa Découverte par le Sieur de la Vérendrye, Son Exploitation par les Compagnies de Traiteurs Jusqu'à l'Année 1822 (in French)210
Histoire du Canada : Depuis Sa Découverte Jusqu'à Nos Jours, 1882 (Tome 1) (in French)209
Histoire du Canada : Depuis Sa Découverte Jusqu'à Nos Jours, 1882 (Tome 3) (in French)205
Histoire du Canada : Depuis Sa Découverte Jusqu'à Nos Jours, 1882 (Tome 4) (in French)204
Detroit River Connections202