Source Information Idaho History [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2003.
Original data: French, Hiram T.. History of Idaho. Vol. I-III. Chicago and New York, USA: Lewis Publishing, 1914.

About Idaho History

This database contains a history of Idaho, written by Hiram T. French, and comprised of narrative accounts of the state's historical progress, its people, and its principal interests. The author's goal in creating this history was to preserve some of the facts and incidents relating to the founding, perpetuity, and growth of one of the younger states in this country. Topics covered in this history of Idaho include early expeditions, religion, the Indians, Idaho as a territory, statehood, counties and prominent cities, agriculture, mining, topography, and biographical sketches of many of Idaho's prominent citizens, among others. This work would be of great worth to any individual interested in learning more about the history of Idaho or to any researcher with ancestors from this area. Although this work may not provide you with information specific to your relatives, it will provide you with information pertaining to the time and place in which they lived, which in turn will better help you put your ancestors into historical context.