Source Information Charleston Observer (South Carolina), Marriages and Deaths, 1827-1845 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc., 1998.
Original data: Holcomb, Brent. Marriage and Death Notices from the Charleston Observer 1827-1845. Greenville, SC, USA: A Press, 1980.

About Charleston Observer (South Carolina), Marriages and Deaths, 1827-1845

The Charleston Observer was a denominational newspaper based in Charleston, South Carolina, in the early Nineteenth Century. This database is an extraction of marriage and death notices from that paper between 1827 and 1845. With an estimated 13000 names of individuals involved in either marriage ceremonies or funeral rites, this is a valuable collection of information. Some notices from the surrounding states of Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina can also be found here. According to author Brent Holcomb, "This volume can help pin down some rather obscure persons and prove family connections not otherwise ascertainable."