All U.S., World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 results for Urraca Alfonsez Queen Of L Castile Leon

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View RecordNameBirth YearNativity State or CountryEnlistment DateResidenceEnlistment Place
Alfonso Leon Jr
Los Angeles, California
Alfonso Leon
New York, New York
Alfonso Leon
Lake, Illinois
Alfonso Leon
Monterey, California
A Leon
L Leon
Los Angeles, California
Alphonse Leone
Providence, Rhode Island
C Leon
Mobile, Alabama
Mario A Leon
Alfonso M Leon
Pima, Arizona
Alfonso G De Leon
Bexar, Texas
Alfonso E Leon
San Diego, California
Alvin G Castile
Iberia, Louisiana
Paul A De Leon
Rock, Wisconsin
John A Leon
Erie, New York
David A Leon
Bronx, New York
Jose A Leon
San Bernardino, California
Jesse A Leon
Alameda, California
Ernest A Leon
Pima, Arizona
Robert A Leon
Jefferson, Alabama
Results 1-20 of 629
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