All U.S., World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 results for Osanna

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Tanley O Fenkel
Jason D Finkelstein
Barnstable, Massachusetts
Jason M Finkelstein
Suffolk, Massachusetts
Jason L Finkle
Suffolk, Massachusetts
James O Van Winkle
James O Van Winkle
Crawford, Indiana
Gus O Winkler
Coryell, Texas
Charles O Winkelmann
St Louis City, Missouri
Frank O Winkler
Orange, Virginia
Harry O Winkler
Cook, Illinois
Harold O Winchell
Sarah O Winchell
Henoy, Missouri
Robert O Winkler Jr
Clair O Van Winkle
Bradford, Pennsylvania
Wayne O Van Winkle
Donald O Winchell
Scotts Bluff, Nebraska
Charles O Winkelvoss
Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Donald O Winkler
Jefferson, Kentucky
Leslie O Winkler
Fannin, Texas
Humie O Winkler
Estill, Kentucky
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