Source Information Bureau County, Illinois Voters and Tax-Payers Directory, 1877 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: Biographical Directory of the Voters and Tax-Payers of Kendall County, Illinois. Chicago, IL, USA: H.F. Kett & Co., 1877.

About Bureau County, Illinois Voters and Tax-Payers Directory, 1877

This database contains a biographical directory of the voters and tax-payers of Bureau County, Illinois. Published in 1877, this work also contains a map of the county, a historical sketch of the county, a business directory, statistics about the county, and a listing of officers of societies, lodges, etc. The directory of the voters and tax-payers is organized alphabetically by township and provides the name of the voter or tax-payer, their occupation, and other pieces of information about the individual such as where they are from, their birthplace, their political affiliation, their religious affiliation, their address, or how much their home or farm is worth.

Directories are great sources for locating our ancestors in a specific time and place. Use the information listed about your ancestor in this directory to supplement information already known or to further your genealogical research. For instance, if your ancestor's political affiliation is listed, study what was going on politically at the time. Who was the president of the United States then? What types of issues did Democrats/Republicans support? Studying these things will help you learn a little bit more about your ancestor and develop an idea of what kind of person he was.