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Utah State Archives and Records Service. Utah, U.S., Index to Indian War Service Affidavits, 1909-19 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2003.
Original data: Utah. Utah. Commissioner of Indian War Records. Indian War Service Affidavits, 1909-1919. Salt Lake City, UT, USA: Utah State Archives and Records Service. Series 2217.

About Utah, U.S., Index to Indian War Service Affidavits, 1909-19

War with the Native Americans plagued the United States for much of the time between 1865 and 1890. This time period has come to be known as the Indian War period. Beginning in 1909 in Utah veterans of the Indian wars, under the direction of the Board of Commissioners of Indian War Records, completed affidavits of their service. Most of the affidavits were created in 1909 and 1910. However, there are a few that date as late as 1919. The affidavits provide information such as the veteran's name, residence, age, date of enrollment in the military, type of company, captain's name, length of service, etc. If a veteran was deceased his wife or children could fill out an affidavit in his place. Affidavits were filled out mainly to authenticate pension claims. This database is an index to the affidavits. The index includes the veteran's name and the reel number on which a microfilmed copy of the record is located. The microfilmed copies are Series 2217 located at the Utah State Archives. For more information about this particular set of records or to learn how to contact the Archives or where the Archives are located please visit their website (Utah State Archives and Records Services). Be sure to mention the Series # when asking the Archives about this set of records.

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