Source Information

Olson, Larry, comp.. Jasper County, Iowa 1892 Farmers Directory [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002.
Original data: Farmers of Iowa: a list of farmers of each county with postoffice (sic), 1892. Jasper County, IA, USA: 1892. LDS microfilm 1024846, item 4.

About Jasper County, Iowa 1892 Farmers Directory

This database is a transcription of the Jasper County "chapter" of the Farmers of Iowa directory, originally published in 1892. Jasper County is in central Iowa, just east of Polk County, which contains the state capital of Des Moines. The county seat is in Newton. The original record provides the surname and given name or initials of farmers living in each county of Iowa, as well as the names of certain unspecified businesses (e.g., Rogers & Sons). At the end of the chapter, there is a separate section for farmers who live in Jasper County, but receive their mail at a post office in an adjoining county and/or state. There is no information from the publisher as to the completeness of the directory, or how it was prepared, although there is evidence it was compiled from land ownership records. [A husband and wife in the compiler's genealogy (John T. Leach and Mrs. Amanda V. Leach) are listed separately (he in Prairie City, she in Newton) although they are known to have lived together in Prairie City for their entire marriage. Based on a contemporaneous plat map, Amanda Leach appears as the primary owner of the Newton property.]

It should be noted that the names have been transcribed exactly as printed. Common abbreviations were often used in the directory for some names with or without periods (e.g., Geo. for George, Wm. for William, Jas. for James), and they have been reproduced in that manner here. Certain compound or multiple surnames such as Van Dyke had a space between the two names, but others did not (VanDovinick). (Names beginning with "Mc" did not include a space after the "c"). Several names appear to have typographical errors, which have also been reproduced as printed.

A researcher using this database is advised to search variant forms of a surname, or to search part of a surname, if an expected name is not found. Original data: Farmers of Iowa: a list of farmers of each county with postoffice (sic), 1892, LDS microfilm 1024846, item 4.