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Mrs. Bertha C. Moller
Title and information transcribed from item. Summary: Head-and-shoulders portrait of Margaret B. Laird, facing forward, with necklace.
Madame J. C. De Veyra
Title and information transcribed from item. Summary: Head-and-shoulders portrait of Madame J. C. DeVeyra, wearing fur hat and fur coat. Explanatory (typed) caption included with image, headlined: "WORLD PROMINENT WOMEN TO FIGURE IN WOMAN'S CONVENTION" with following text: "As this may be the last of the annual meetings of the Woman's Party, February 15-19, the convention will take the form of a grand reunion of all women who have been interested in the struggle for the vote for women since its infancy. Besides women of national importance including Mrs. Warren G. Harding, a group of prominent foreign women will be in Washington for the presentation of a suffrage memorial statue to the Capitol and the subsequent meetings of the convention."
Underwood & Underwood, Washington, D.C. (Photographer)
C. T. Robertson
Title transcribed from item. Summary: Photograph of nine suffrage pickets standing single file along a tall lattice fence, with suffrage banners. Left to R: Catherine Martinette, Elizabeth Kent, Mary Bartlett Dixon, C. T. Robertson, Cora Week, Amy Jungling, Hattie Kruger, Belle Sheinberg, Julia Emory. Cropped version of the photograph published in The Suffragist, 5, no. 95 (Nov. 17, 1917): n.p.
Harris & Ewing, Washington, D.C. (Photographer)
Sarah C Grant
Title transcribed from image. Summary: Formal portrait, head and chest, Sarah C. Grant of St. Paul, Minnesota, wearing wide-brimmed straw hat with satin trim, wide-collared light blouse over darker jacket, with handkerchief sticking out from left lapel pocket. Photograph published in The Suffragist, 4, no. 32 (Aug. 5, 1916): n.p.; The Suffragist, 5, no. 58 (Feb. 24, 1917): 8; and The Suffragist, 5, no. 61 (Mar. 24, 1917): n.p.

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