Source Information New York State, Marriage Index, 1881-1967 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2017.
Original data: New York State Marriage Index, New York State Department of Health, Albany, NY.

About New York State, Marriage Index, 1881-1967

This collection consists of indexes of marriages from the state of New York between the years 1881 and 1967. The collection contains only indexes to records, but the certificate number can be used to order a copy of the original certificate. Details vary, but may include the following information for the bride or groom:

  • Name (The given name is typically truncated at 6 characters)
  • Marriage Date
  • Marriage Place
  • Certificate Number

Records for the years 1964, 1966, and 1967 do not have images available, however, the index for these years contain the name of the spouse. Two sets of data exist from 1965 which may result in the duplication of records; one set will have an image displayed and one set will typically contain the name of the spouse, but no image.

Multiple entries may also appear for an individual within a year if that individual formerly used a different surname. In these instances, the certificate number, marriage date, and marriage place should all be identical to each other.

Records Sharing Certificate Number

When viewing a selected record, a section labeled 'Records Sharing Certificate Number' will appear. This section will list the name of the individual, as well as any persons who share the same certificate number, marriage month, and marriage year within the database. This may be useful in identifying potential spouses, as well as any alias or maiden names an individual may have registered under.

Obtaining Copies of Certificates

Certificates may be purchased from the New York Department of Health website, located here.